Betting Big on Steemit in 2019

Happy New Year!


2018 was a quiet year for me on Steemit. It turned out to be just as well given how the year shaped in the crypto sphere. I hope everyone on here managed to get through without any major heartache.

Despite the downturn, I think there is still plenty of reason to be optimistic about the big picture, starting right here and now. We all know there are no guarantees in this space, but a lot of the analysis I've seen seems to point to the market having bottomed out, or at least come close to it.

The price of STEEM relative to BTC also seems to have reached it's low point. Though it has at times dipped below 7000 satoshi, it looks like there is fairly strong resistance around that level, and it historically hasn't spent much time below this level as we see in the all-time chart.


Taking away the huge spike from summer 2016, we can better see that we're nearly at an all time low:


Does this mean that it can't go further down? Of course not. But my money is betting on a positive upswing at some point in 2019, which is why I've just purchased and powered up 2019.19 STEEM.

Ideally, I'd like to go in a little more than this, but it's a start at least. A start to getting back into being active here and staying out on the adventure trail. I've got some good stuff from 2018 that I'm sitting on, and lots of plans for 2019, so I hope to get some more nature videos posted on here soon.

Happy Steeming my friends!

What do you think? Are you feeling bullish on Steem in 2019? And the larger cryptocurrency market? I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments below!

*Please note this is not intended to be investment advice. Invest at your own risk.

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