Buy the dip (top) - Random talk

Today I stole my grandma's credit card to buy some Bitcoin. She is 108. So I think she will be happy with that investment.

I think she will be really proud of me. Up only.

And what I learn from the bankers, OPM (other people's money) is the most fun to invest with.

I think if everyone takes grandmas credit card we can fly way higher than 100k. 500k is the new goal.

To the moon!!!

Btw, that's a joke. Fun beside.

I don't want to be the bear. 100k can happen. Why not. The world is crazy with money printers. JPMorgan Chase has something around 800 Billion Cash on hand.

Other big players swim in cash too.

We have so much cash in the market everything is possible.

Everything is in my opinion in a bubble. Not only crypto. Look at stocks. Up only.

But that's really weird because on the other side, what if the first panic hit the market?

Not only in crypto. I speak generally. Evergrande was some event like that. But what if this is only the tip of the iceberg?

What would be a good hedge? Bitcoin lost last time 20% in one day. So it isn't a good hedge IMO.

Gold, lol no.

The amount of cash makes everything for me unpredictable. Without money printer and covid, where would we be today?

And Cash means debt.

What change for me

I was super bullish before Evergrade and shitcoins pump again. I don't know how many retards ( retails) use in real grandmas Credit cards to buy Shitcoins and hold them... forever...

Trading apps makes that really easy.

How much retarded money is already in the market?

How much debt / on margin?

I also don't know big players (banks and friends) really want to buy the top. I think they will use paper Bitcoins/ crypto. Some futures.

Maybe a Bitcoin ETF is a retard magnet. I don't know.

100k or 10k random...

That's only random bullshit. No financial advice. Do your own research.

Btw if you know the next 100x shitcoin, leave a comment :P low MC only :D

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