Bitcoin the reason for next financial crisis

If they are smart ( the governments), they will tell after the Crypto bubble bust, the real-world financial crisis is made from crypto.

That would be the easiest way to regulate/ban some parts of the market. Now you say, they can't ban it. They can make transactions with fiat Illegal or heavily regulated.

Nancy Pelosi wants to know everything you spend over 600$. Over 600 should automatically send to the IRS. Fine.

So outside the USA no impact?

Wrong. The reason is Swift. Every Western country ( and most of the world) uses Swift to transact money. Swift is like a messenger for Banking.

All big players partner with the US. For example the big banks.

That's also the reason sanctions work that well. You can freeze or remove value.

So that could also happen to crypto in a worst-case scenario. Think about the US Dollar can be in danger. The most powerful currency on earth ( today).

It is the global standard for trading. (sure Bitcoin can never be that, but it transfers value. Nobody would ever do the math in satoshi if it can be minutes later 20%-30% wrong).

The point is the Infrastructure around crypto. It is swift. In a primitive way. No acceptance like swift, but easy adaptable to everyone that wants to be part of.

The Chinese think about a digital yuan. That's powerful because it can be used first in developed countries up to trading around the globe. Simple via the app. If they would spread it massive, it would bring more problems to the US Dollar.

What they can do

After the bubble bust some days ( stocks, crypto, and every other asset, because everything is in a bubble), the easiest way would be to tell the people " it's bitcoins fault and the gamblers".

Does it work? I think it would work if the bubble becomes big enough. Or tell people that was the catalyst for it.

So 1 problem less. Remember the 600$ rule? That would give governments so much more power.

And yes, that's only some outcome. It could also end Up FED makes brrrrr.

Stocks go up. Real estate goes up, crypto goes up. Forever.

Every time the market could bust = brrrrrrr.

makes its money worthless? Yes.

But maybe not. Maybe the 99% becomes nothing and the 1% everything. So problem solved. No Inflation because 99% of people life in deflation.

In the end, nobody knows. But I'm sure they want to keep control. And the best way would be looking for a reason into super heavy regulations ( kill it). Special for all International cryptos ( not private ones). So every crypto out today.

Can they stop Bitcoin or Hive? Sadly, yes. Not the transactions, but they can make the trading into fiat impossible.

So what's the value? If I see people talking about it, it's all about the $ value.

El Salvador only adopted it because they want $$$. Not the BTC. Maybe they hold some for a gamble, but in the end they want currency other countries to accept.

Same with 99% of crypto "investors/holder".

In the end, only some opinion about all of that. Could also end Up " the Chinese real estate is the reason for the worldwide financial crisis".

Also covid. And it can be also a mix out of everything. Not bad to regulate everything right?

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