More Companies Start Rethinking Drug Policies And Consider Hiring Ex Convicts

Background checks and cannabis use have gotten in the way of many people being able to find suitable employment. But now that things are getting harder for businesses to find employees who are willing to join the team, they've considered a different approach to those issues.

For example, some companies like Amazon are now considering dropping their drug testing requirements so that perhaps more people will apply for the job openings they have.

Now that big companies like Amazon are considering this change there are going to be others that will be expected to follow. Drug testing has likely gotten in the way of many cannabis patients being able to find better employment for themselves and now for many that is about to change.

Not only that, but for background check issues as well. After people get out of prison and they go looking to start their life over it can be next to impossible to try and establish that balance. Some companies have sought to only hire ex convicts or those who are in substance abuse recovery etc, to try and help those communities that need the extra resources and opportunity.

A large portion of those returning citizens are unable to find work after their release and the more companies who are willing to overlook that requirement, might be able to boost their employment rates from people who are interested and able to apply. A lot of those doors are closed and a number of food businesses have been at the front of that fight for change, providing increased opportunities for those who need them the most.

Not only that, but for veterans as well who also have a difficult time finding employment, they've also been able to find thousands of jobs within the cannabis industry which has been able to offer them positions from security services to growing cannabis, and more.

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