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Lensy is a brand-new market for NFT photography, as far as we are aware, nobody else is doing what we are doing, this is good thing, but since is also an uncharted territory, it requires a lot of work and improvements to attract more users and buyers, that is why we want your feedback and suggestions.

We had our first Photographers Get Together last Sunday, we did 2 meetings actually during that day to try and accommodate as many people from different time zones as possible, our points of discussion were:

  • Improvement to user experience.

  • Ideas for better marketing.

  • Whitelisting process and quality control.

  • Onboarding and referral program.

  • Stock and Art Photography.

We are scheduling this type of meetings with our users every other week to hear feedback and to allows to have enough time to try to implement some of the changes our users suggested us. We wanted to let you know we are working on improving the Lensy experience, adding a lot of new stuff to the website, and working on promoting it better.

Next Meeting

While our next Community Get Together will be this Sunday October 4th, in the afternoon (exact time tbd) on our Discord Server we also want to let all the community that can’t come to this meetings or doesn't use discord to give us feedback and suggestions, that is the reason of this post.

We want your feedback, opinions and suggestions

Everyone who wants to give us feedback on how we are doing, help us with ideas to bring this project to the next level, or just give us any kind of constructive criticisms can feel free to leave a comment down below in this post for us to review and add to our list of community suggestions.


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For any questions or support please visit us in our Discord

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