Leadership Required: Creating Positive Incentives for Change

We need more good people of high integrity and strong character in positions of power, authority, and influence. Paradoxically, most of these people want nothing to do with these positions because they know power corrupts and because they want to see humanity rise up on its own to break free of the cycle of authoritarian thinking where everyone follows the leader, even if that leader advocates violence or policies that result in destruction of what is good.

But here’s a thought: those positions will be filled by someone. The vacuum currently created by the human need to be led demands it. If filled by beacons of love, joy, light, reason, and awareness, then those who want to benefit from that person and their position must operate at the same vibrational wavelength. They can’t fake it or manipulate it or somehow circumvent it. The best people in these positions of stewardship and leadership will require strong character, integrity, and goodness in those they empower. It creates an incentive for positive change and not just on a surface level, but deeply sustained.

Want to work with the best and benefit from their success? You have to become your best self. We change the world by implementing change in the one place we have the greatest sense of influence in the whole universe: our own awareness, consciousness, capacity for love and right action, emotional response, wisdom, and the like. If we can tune things just right with systems that resonate with this idea, people will focus on actions that increase the ability to function for themself and those around them because that will be the measuring stick and base criteria for accessing those in important positions of stewarship.

I’ve been focused on building decentralized systems of governance with DACs and DAOs, but lately I’ve been realizing through study and experience that the core of all is consciousness. Decentralization works when the participants involved operate at a level of personal responsibility which does not require a parent figure archetype to take responsibility for them. Hierarchy’s are still needed based on how most humans interact with each other. Ideally, for now, we can build hierarchies that are based on principled rules and maxims implemented in systems with no single point of failure and then select trusted stewards to maintain and facilitate the evolution of those systems.

This is a call to action to do at least one thing today which increases your ability to function for yourself, your family, and your community. Don’t avoid the trigger which reminds you of the soul-improving work to be done. The world will become a slightly better place when you improve yourself. The world will become slightly better as I improve myself. Together this is how significant change happens, one consciousness at a time.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control”

Increase these things in your life and I do believe you will attract others to you who are doing the same. As you fill positions of stewardship, look for those also on this path of awareness and support them. If we reward what we want to see in the world, we will have more of it.

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