Nice new spot for bird photography

During several scouting trips for new places I found a nice place near Wels for some bird photography, it has a big lake and there is forest all around as well as a gravel pit, which could be a benefit for birds that like gravel and water. I am definitely visiting this place ins spring and hope there will be a lot of birds, but we will see. Last week I only found some ducks and swans swimming in the lake. I assume in spring it will be a much better place when the birds come back from the south.

This place has 3 promising prerequisits that could make it a very good bird watching spot. There is a lake, there is a small forest and there is a lot of open space.

New promising spot for bird photography. Picture: Florian Glechner.

Camera usedMotorola G6 Plus
Lens usedMotorola G6 Plus
Filter usednone
Exposure Time1/1928 Seconds
Aperture usedF1.7
Focal Length4 mm
Time03:28 pm
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