Ladies Of Hive Community Contest #126

Hello ladies;

Yes FINALLY! I'm back, 😆 I have been struggling with my chronic pains, with my little dog who is getting more ill 😢. And then I also caught a nasty cold. For my chronic pains i am visiting a physiotherapist, for my little dog is unfortunately no cure, but she gets antibiotics and that seems to work. And my cold, well that's almost over. And well, it was about time for me to pick up Hive and blogging again. Time to motivate myself, give myself a kick under my a.., and just do it!

Let's get to the questions!

Okay! Interesting questions! And to start with number 3 right away. I think in the end, neither society can survive without each other. We need each other to keep each other in balance.

Women and men think differently about various things, and we require that balance. In general women are more sensitive than men but men more often have better insight, such as spatial insight or in traffic matters. Women are often more caring but men are more often more handy with tools. Do I confirm the prejudices, yes partly I do! But this doesn't mean that no man will be caring, nor does it mean that no woman is handy with a hammer and chisel. Fortunately! I know several men who are caring and certainly not handy with hammer and chisel. And I know women who are not that caring at all, but are super handy and have a fantastic insight into spatial sense.

Learn from each other!

But we can learn from each other in these matters and strengthen each other in our good and bad qualities. If only we would listen to each other!! And that is what is typically lacking in this world, the will to listen to each other, to value each other and to try to find and strengthen the good in each other. And to suppress the bad, everyone has good and bad in them, it is important to let the good prevail over the bad.❤️💙💚💛💜

Then question 1;

Actually, I've already partially answered that one! So here it is! I don't think an all-female society has a chance to survive. Not because we couldn't, although that could also be difficult if you think in terms of reproduction, but because female behavior is also present. And where men will often openly say, "I don't want you, so go somewhere else," women are more likely to do so secretly and behind someone's back. They then try to find allies through manipulation. Women are often not so straightforward but manipulative. And I think that behavior would kill an all-female society.


Here in the Netherlands I watch the experiment of a Year of your life every day. Here 40 completely unknown people were put together in a house where they could win a million euros after a year. They have been working on this experiment for six months now and you see that the women gossip about each other more often, only to tell the other person that that person has gossiped about you. 😎

And I don't really see men doing that. If men already have something against the other, they are more likely to show it. They do talk to each other about the other, but not in the same way as the women in the house. Unfortunately, women are often much meaner.

The last question

And with that I have actually already answered question 2;

Do I think a society of only men would have a chance of survival.

No, not really, but I think it would be a bit easier for an all-male community than it would be for an all-female community. Okay, except for procreation, because the men can't do that either! But, because men are more inclined to stand up for each other than women.

Now, I must say that I often see the survival instinct in both men and women when it comes down to it. And where men frequently face each other like ruffs, women are more inclined to forge a bond at that time, and thus increase the chance of survival. However, those 'ties' last less frequently as the chance of survival increases and the 'ties' that the men have made with each other last better and more often. ❤️

What I want to conclude with is that one cannot do without the other, and you shouldn't want that either.

Be kind to each other, love each other, and live together!💘💜💛

Thank you for reading my ramblings!

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