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Qwerty Chronicles :

My adventure with words, thought process and keyboard rants.


Let me tell you something about me. I am a real person ( Captcha approved) and keen to a variety of things, from numbers to dancing to reading and writing, I am into energy and healing. I am an extrovert and introvert all in one depending on activities and the phases of the moon. And yes, I own a pair of bright yellow Crocs.

I am a Filipino residing in the Caribbean crunching numbers professionally with a lot of stories to tell.


Friend of a family member invited me to join the community #hiveph, hence my introduction. And with it comes to blogging and writing, why would I not say yes? Ever since pen and paper and Blue Feather notebook days, and all through blogspot, tabulas and wordpress, I have been writing my way to cope with life.

This is why I am so glad to have found this community and audience at the same time. It is so good to know my writings will have an audience and may result to intellectual interactions or kind hearts and likes from time to time.

I am excited to be able to connect to the world wide web and be able to express and lay out ideas to be beneficial to readers or cause entertainment at the least.

You can expect from me anything from the sun, moon and stars, I can talk about life at a general and the changes in these millennial times and reminisce about old ways, and I do offer new experiences of my current life as a working married lesbian partner in the Caribbean opposite world from our home or just post some question and answer portions occurring in my very relatively-most-of-the-time-logical mind.

Short term plans would entail to making entries that catch attention and acquire a good amount of readers. In the long run, I hope to have my participation give me economic benefits in the near future. For what it's worth, we all deserve some piece of the pie right?

As the thought of writing again had me so excited, it was made more special because I was made aware that there will be real people coming across the site and entries. I hope to share what I know and awake my creative sense that has been longing to have a stage.

Ready In... 3.....2......1.....0...


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