Introduction: Hive Here I Come

Hello everyone!
It’s nice been around kings and queens. My dream of being a content creator has come through today as I begin to create magnificent contents.
I have been looking for an eco- friendly blog platform to exercise my writing skill and I found one with help of @samest


Been in my mid 20s, I am passionate about the new web technology. I have been scammed a lot of money from different Ponzi-scheme which were worthless and as student trying to assist my parents raising funds to complete my education it has not been easy for the 2years in the higher institution studying STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING. I knew about Crypto currency August 2020 and since then I have been love with this new innovation.

Even when I knew about Cryptocurrency, August last year ,never knew my left and right on where to start from. After attending several Block chain summit and seminars organized in my school, I felt I should start writing content for Block chain firms. But there was no money to purchase the content creating course because I had no idea on what to start writing on. I was discouraged emotionally and the dream died.

After some months of research I started creating interesting contents suddenly. So I was looking for a blogging platform to start uploading my contents. And I found @samest who introduced me to hive blog and today I am so happy to be here.

I have heard of hive a long time ago but was not abreast of the wonderful blog built on the hive Block chain. I love everything here and my contents are going to be crystal enlightening.

It’s nice being here
Thank you all for have me.
Creating a better world with Contents!!!

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