How Kobe Works | My Hive Introduction


Hello Hive Community! My complete name is John Kobe Goc-ong, but I go by the screen name "Kobe Go", I've been using that name in all my social media platforms since I have a thing for diminutive stuff. Most of my friends call me by my first name "Kobe", a short story behind the origin of my name, it was given by my parents as a tribute to their obsession for the sport Basketball. They are avid fans of the famous NBA player Kobe Bryant. They dreamt of me as a future veteran basketball player and guess what? I am the opposite of their vision, it's ironic.



This may sound unusual but the highlight of my life is when I escaped school. When I was in college I did not have the option to choose my course, It was decided by my parents, they wanted me to be a future seafarer and I was left with no choice at all. I was very timid at school back then. I've personally struggled with trying to have confidence in front of the crowd and even depressed. After I graduated college, as I became more mature, I decided to choose my path, I got a job from Sykes Asia as an application consultant, and from that day on, things were smooth sailing, It's like everything has gone according to plan. I was surrounded by people who love and support me, it really boosts my confidence and as days keep passing, I'm starting to showcase my flair.




I live for aesthetics! I strongly feel that I'm a right-brained person which means that I am artistic, intuitive, and subjective. I was born with more skills in the field of art. For me, being creative is not just a hobby, it is my way of life. I do believe that an expressive and vibrant environment is the world I want to thrive in.

Due to the pandemic, I'm currently working at home, at first I thought the set-up was exhausting, however, I tried to look on the good side and live with it and, I realized a lot of things, this is a really great avenue to work with other stuff and be more productive since I have more time than being on-site. Honestly, I've unlocked a lot of talents during the quarantine, I've collected so many varieties of plants and propagate them to sell, painted denim jeans from a thrift shop for an auction, I learned also how to work things in the house that only my father could do like painting, repairing kinds of stuff and other household works. Now is the perfect time to learn new skills and to start something on the side.




Using my creative ideas and skills, I started producing video clips on Tiktok about my lifestyle, travel, and even comedy skits and POVs as a pastime during pandemic, and I really did not expect that a lot of local viewers would appreciate my content. It made me happy until some big social media companies like Bai TV and other entrepreneurs discovered my craft and used it to promote their business.







Although I don't believe in astrology, I do think that I'm living the character of a Sagittarius, my zodiac sign really fits me considering that I have a compassionate personality. I'm adventurous, hilarious and a seeker for freedom! They said that we are the best conversationalists and I think that is evident since I'm with my friends most of the time and
I gain a lot of energy from them!




I was very curious when @swaycanete invited me for some coffee with her sister @sassycebuana. They wanted me to be a part of the HiveCebu community together with them, I was intrigued because I thought blogging was dead, but hearing them talking about their blogging journey with HiveCebu was very overwhelming and I didn't hesitate to join the artistic community! Join me as I share my lifestyle, travel journeys, life stories, and random blogs with you. You can also visit my Tiktok and Instagram account @thekobego. I simply can't wait to share my craft with you guys!

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