Love Sniper Intro Post Curation #183

Hello everyone!

This is Love Sniper, OCD's newest bot created by @rishi556 that scours the Hive blockchain for first posts published by newbies. If the first post is not an intro post, @lovesniper will drop a comment indicating that the newbie is encouraged to publish an introduction post. Love sniper will then follow the newbie to monitor if he/she has posted his/her introduction post.

If the post is an intro post, a comment is still dropped on the post congratulating the newbie. The post is then evaluated by OCD curators for upvote consideration. Not all intro posts are recommended for OCD upvote. Only those intro posts that are decent enough based on curators' discretion are to be recommended for an upvote.

Here the recommended posts for OCD upvote for this batch of intro post curation:

Newbie: @steamloled


Hello World! Hola Mundo!

English version So, as suggested by @traciyork and @lovesniper, I'm making a whole post about me, so whoever is interested can get to know a little about 👍👍 this guy.

Newbie: @syivara

Wellcome to my "escape-room"

Hello everyone!

My name is Syiva Radiatul Zahara, you can call me Syivara. Born in Jakarta, February 14, 1996, and I live in the northern city of Bogor. The rain City.

My daily routine is to work in a start-up office in the heart of Jakarta, Sudirman. I am a B2B sales person. My main job is to persuade someone to buy our product. I love my job. It's not just about the achievements that will be obtained after the sale, but the opportunity to meet many new people makes this job even more interesting. So I have a lot of new colleagues.

Newbie: @sunnyvo

Become a Hiver - no more excuses.

What’s up Hivers! Here it is - no more excuses, I’ve been putting this off for way too long. I have been reluctant to join this community, even though my friend keeps telling me how cool this is.

I used to think that Hive blog is a hoax, a site where you can post content and earn crypto at the same time, does it sound like another scheme? After that, I started to dig deeper to get more information about the site. I like the fact that creators can benefit from creating content and other activities. I heard about cryptocurrency for a while, but I just ignore it, probably because I have never been a pioneer and I am terrified of trying new things. However, in an ever-changing world of technology, I hate the feeling of falling behind, and it hits me, Hive could be my cue to escape this little cycle of mine. I would like to give a big shout-out to @trangbaby who has worked so hard and never given up on me or not yet LOL.

Newbie: @alborhada

El arte de vivir en resiliencia, mi presentación / The art of living in resilience, my presentation . [ESP / ENG ]

Today I begin a new life experience in this great community that is an open window to the world. I confess that I have been thinking for days about what I should write in this presentation and how to do it. It seems that it is easier to write about any subject than about our own life. Today I decided not to wait any longer and write whatever comes out of my inspiration, here is my first post.

Newbie: @estebandido1983

[ESP-ENG] Mi introducción en hive, hola soy jorge/ My introduction to hive, hi I'm jorge

Greetings, friend of #hive My name is Jorge Campos I was born in Cumaná state sucre the firstborn of the American continent, cradle of the great Mariscal de Ayacucho. I am 38 years old I am the oldest of three brothers I live with my wife and my two daughters. I graduated as an engineer from the Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho University, I am not currently practicing my profession due to the situation of the country, I work independently and I am always looking for new things all for the economic benefit for the welfare of my family.

Newbie: @snownz008

Hi Hiver from "you-know-who" - become a Hiver, why not?

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy" - Dalai Lama XIV

Eventually, I am here to introduce myself to you after days delaying. No more hesitation, no more reason to say NO or NOT YET to start. Nice to meet you, my friends!

My real Vietnamese name is Nhung. You can call me by the name of Snow (Snow in Snow White). My mom must be a big fan of “Snow White and the Seven Drafts”, I guess. She revealed the truth that she wanted me to grow up as beautiful, strong, warm-hearted and to have a happy life as that princess. That’s what all moms in the world wish for their children.


Newbie: @horplov

Meet me @horplov. Introduction to hive

My name is Tajudeen Afeez Opeyemi, a recent graduate of Modibbo Adama university of technology Yola, Adamawa state. I hailed from Oyo state Nigeria Iseyin local government to be precise. I obtained my primary and secondary education at Oyo state. After my secondary, I proceeded to Emmanuel Alayande College of Education lanlate campus, a satellite campus to Oyo state college of education Oyo. I obtained my Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) there. Then I had my national service at defense headquarters Abuja.


Newbie: @liliayjuvenal

[Esp-Eng] Un cordial saludo, esta es nuestras presentación para hive. / Kind regards, this is our presentation for hive.

It is a pleasure for us to share with you part of our life, for several months our daughters @jemima1996 and @nathy33 have told us about this wonderful platform, but it was too complicated to register on our own, so taking advantage that my daughter came to visit the house, she has explained a little and with her help we share with you our presentation.

Newbie: @nellyhope

Hello hive, my introduction (Eng-Esp)

Hello to all hivers! I'm Nelly Esperanza and this is my introduction to the hive.

I was born in the state of Táchira- Venezuela, in the year 1956, long before technology invaded our lives. I am the second daughter of 11 siblings, so responsibilities accompanied me from a very early age.

Newbie: @marys.f13

Un poco de la historia de mi vida // A little bit of my life history

Hello, my name is Mary Francis Márquez Díaz I was born in Maracay, Aragua State, on February 13, 1983. With 38 years of age characterized since childhood for being fond of drawing, arts and crafts and reading grew up with the taste directed towards these areas, my schooling I did at first in Caracas, where my father is a native of where we lived.

Newbie: @lanoican

My Presentation in Hive / Mi Presentación en Hive

My Presentation in Hive My name Linda González, I am a Professional graduated from the Simón Rodríguez University as a Bachelor of Education Mention "Cultural Development" and I am also a Lawyer graduated from the Bolivarian University of Venezuela. Born in Caracas, all my life has passed in this beautiful city, surrounded by the most glamorous mountain dressed in its light and intense green and fitted with furrows that border its skirts as if protecting its inhabitants with great majesty, She is my source of inspiration. since I watch her through my window every day. Even when I work, in my free moments (which are many due to the Pandemic) I like to paint, sow, harvest, cook, sew and write, at this time I finish a story I only lack some editing details.

Newbie: @angelamaria

Hi I'm @angelamaria and this is my presentation // Hola soy @angelamaria y esta es mi presentacion

Greetings my friend. Today I start a new stage of learning in my life but now with Hive a very interesting blog chain where I hope to know much more and acquire great knowledge.

I am Venezuelan. From San Juan de los Morros Guarico. My name Angela Sanchez mother of @Lunaruqueza who encouraged me to be part of this incredible world of Blockchain.

Newbie: @duyenmy

My First Introduction To Hive

Hi guys, this is my first introduction to Hive. I am MyDuyen (My Duyen) from Vietnam. Currently, I am a student at a university and a salesman at a Gym & Yoga store, nice to meet you. I am very eager to become a member and start my adventure on Hive.

Please help us welcome our newbies! Hopefully, they will have an awesome stay in the platform and they will be here for long. To the featured newbies, your Hive and OCD family welcome you with open arms! Have a blast!

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