Inktober - Spark


Today's #inktober prompt is "spark." I immediately thought of spark plugs. I used to keep spare spark plugs in my tool kit but realized that I have not used one for decades. Even worse I could not find my spare plug and had to look up spark plugs online line to remember what they looked like.

I then had to decide how to use the spark plug. I finally decided to put a spark plug in my coffee and run some current through the plug to give my morning cup of coffee an extra jolt.

The proof of art photo below shows that I drew the image with prismacolor. I just happen to have a little toy container that says milk. While drawing the picture I started wondering if other people had similar things.

I decided to line up some sugar cubes. I don't put sugar in my coffee and realized that I rarely use cubes. I assume that they are just little white cubes. I decided to add a spoon. I should have gone to the kitchen and got a spoon as a model rather than trying to draw from memory.

Anyway, here is the picture. I actually started the picture by writing the word SPARK on the page. I should have waited to draw a coffee cup before writing the label. Unfortunately, the move features on my piece of paper doesn't seem to work.


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