Goldman Sachs “Culture”

There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.
— Luke 12:2

The revelation time has come. Malaysia filed criminal charges against Goldman Sachs and two ex-bankers (ever heard of “Revolving Door”?) over the multi-billion dollar looting of state funds. U.S. Investment bank denies and blames “rogue individuals”, among whom was their “star” partner Tim Leissner — the guy they have promoted after the looting! Unfortunately for them, Leissner already has plead guilty like this:


That Goldman Sachs “culture” quite easily found a common interests with “the Deal Maker”, and they openly installed their own people inside the administration — as listed by our @v4vapid, continuing the dirty job after a short delay caused by the “unexpected” election result.

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Whoever thinks that Trump is “fighting the Swamp” with unconventional methods, is deceiving himself/herself. You can’t “drain the swamp” by filling it with swamp creatures. The people who voted for Trump were looking at the “Campaign Trump”, a different man to this “President Trump”. In the campaign politicians use the truth to get what they want. When they got what they want, they lie because their plutocratic masters — embodied through Goldman Sachs — demand so.

Do you remember Campaign Trump promise of 28 pages? That was before Trump became POTUS. After that he is selling weapons to Saudis like never before despite the dreadful genocide in Yemen and gruesom murder of Jamal Khashoggi…

Do you remember Campaign Trump criticizing Syria intervention? Even “The New York Times” remember that. POTUS Trump conducted two massive attacks on Syria and decided to keep troops inside that country, contrary to International Law and even his promises that he “vanquished” ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Politicians are liars, and it will be so all until people discover blockchain, and understand that they do not need both — politicians and their plutocratic masters.


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