Curious Khashoggi Case

It is quite clear now: Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in a most horrific fashion imaginable inside the Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul. Turkish inteligence “leaked” to their media and Al Jazeera gruesome photos of the execution, and claim they have audio recording of this atrocity…

Those photos and recording are not (yet) at the Internet, but it’s a matter of time when they will appear. Saudi Arabia was obviously behind the murder and dismemberment of the former Saudi royal family spokesman turned Washington Post critic.

Duration: 7:10

Despite everything, Western governments “insist on investigation” which they have generously left to — Saudi Arabia! Just imagine their reaction if some journalist would went in the Russian consulate and never came out…

Trump first threatened with “severe consequences”, and then retreated saying that murder could be done by some “rogue elements” in the Saudi consulate. Quite plausible! He had a “rogue element” in his administration that has roamed two years through UN making terrible damage to US interests by the name of Nikki Hell-yey… Haley!

So, why did he retreat? Was that because of $110 billion weapons contract? Or because of a threat with $400 oil? Or threat with Petro Yuan? Whatever it is, there is one crucial question that can be formulated like this:

  • How much is it worth a life of a journalist?
  • What is the worth of genocide in Yemen?
  • How much one have to pay for 3000 American citizens murdered in the WTC on 9/11? Remember JASTA (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act) which allowed to 1,500 injured survivors and 850 family members of 9/11 victims filed a class action lawsuit against… oh, look — the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!
  • How much is it necessary to pay for a boundary between democracy and savagery?

BTW, the latest news: Saudi Arabia says journalist Khashoggi ‘died after fight broke out’ in the consulate. Watch how easy will corporate media swallow this lie.


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