Billionaires — A Social Metastasis

Bernie Sanders started the avalanche with his statement: “Billionaires should not exist!” Don’t worry, he didn’t call a lynch mob to do its job. He just wanted to put up a fact that in a normal society there should not be so much inequality. Billionaires are a sign of a deeply sick society. The things can’t get any worse when those billionaires start imposing their version of a deeply sick society upon the Globe — calling it a New World Order…

We will start this text with a conversation between Steve Palkin and the author of the book “Winner Takes All”, Anand Giridharadas. While Anand explains his thesis very clearly and convincingly, he still misses a few strong points…

Duration: 33:50

1. Progressive taxation is probably the “softest” way to save capitalism, but…

Billionaires says: “If you progressively tax us, that will not be good for you.” Anand says: “Let’s try that!” Well, we already have try that, and the World didn’t cease to exist. On the contrary — it was a period of the greatest expansion of the United States, and rise of a welfare state, during the mandates of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The progressive taxation recipe is proven good for the nation and the state alike. Unfortunately… Although progressive taxation would be the “softest” way to save capitalism, it is the least likely to happen. Why? Because billionaires are not ready to allow it! They have learned from the FDR years and created enormous propaganda machine against any notion that taxing them would improve the situation. Then they restructured legislation by their own measure. Then they established a legalized system of influence through Congressional corruption called “lobbying”. They dislocated their wealth to the “Tax Havens” like for example Panama… And now, most intelligent amongst the billionaires can hide their wealth in cryptocurrencies… So, a tough tax control was possible in FDR years, but today is just a pipe dream. They are not going to pay, just as megacorporations already have demonstrated…

Duration: 3:37

2. Billionaires are necessarily sociopaths

Anand Giridharadas is obviously aware of a bad influence billionaires has on society, but there is a simple truth that he missed to point out: You can’t have billions in a span of one human life doing an honest job. It is simply not possible. A massive amounts of money are a certain sing of corruption or even worse criminal deeds. And even if the big money are a result of a bingo win, they change a psyche of the “winner”, usually in a tragic way, as every pcychological research confirm. Getting a billionaire, you are getting sociopath at best, and atrocious criminal at worst. People all over the World are becoming aware of this fact. That is why global elite plutocrats and their political puppets (guest star Greta Thunberg in 2019 and 2020) convenes for the last 50 years in Davos — the highest human habitat in Europe. It is the easiest place to prevent great riots against the hated billionaires and their servants:

Meanwhile, according to 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer report, more than half of all surveyed, 56% out of 34,000 people from 28 countries, thinks that capitalism in its current form is now doing more harm than good. Because…

3. Financial power equals political power

Another thing left: Murphy’s Law correctly “Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.” The system is not going to “repair” itself. Nor you can fix the Matrix using the tools from the Matrix. The truth goes like this: Concentration of wealth yields concentration of power, as described by Adam Smith in 1776, in his “The Wealth of Nations”. For a details, please see The 10 Principles of CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH & POWER by Noam Chomsky. By allowing a system run by billionaires, as a rule, you got the worst criminals or their puppets at the top of government pyramide. And when criminals run the state, the breakup is inevitable.

Death Spiral of Inequality

How close to breakup we are? Judging by the Gini coefficient, global inequality measure of wealth distribution issued by the scientists from Washington State University and 13 other institutions in November 2017, the state of the World was not good. It is even worse today, according to the latest Oxfam report published in January 2020. The inequality hit a new high, as known 2,153 billionaires now have a wealth of about 4.6 billion people, or 62 percent of the world’s population:


But it is not inequality in itself that creates the problem. Key problem is the insatiable greed of those billionaires that does not allow other people to live a decent life, or to live at all. Greed always drive the society to an explosion…

So, what could be done?

Returning to the point number one. Progressive taxation is probably the “softest” way to save capitalism, but not achievable. Sociopath billionaires will not do anything good for the society unless there is a clear and present danger of revolution — like it was during the FDR years. So, the revolution becomes inevitable as a ‘solution’. What can billionaires do when they do feel the revolution is coming? A natural outcome of this kind of social degradation are ‘solutions’ based on brute force — slipping into dictatorship and great wars.

But… Can we get a peaceful solution?

Not in the matrix. That is, you can do it in theory only. You can try one of those two solutions:

  1. Giving the printed money to the people instead of billionaires
  2. Cancelling the debt

Frontrunning, Episode 1 ‘Billionaire tax’ with Max & Stacy

Neither will help. The only natural solution would be leaving the Centralized Hierarchical Political Matrix (CHPM). The two theoretical solutions above can only bring back another cycle of savage plundering, spiraling into an even greater catastrophe of those we already had through history. These measures can only delay another catastrophical crash, giving to capitalism another breath of life by the price of death of many more innocent people. But the crash will have to come. It is inevitable.

The most important thing after the crash would be not making the same mistake all over again: A New World must be formed. First step in that direction — if you want to avoid a nuclear holocaust — should be a destruction of the financial system based on Bretton Woods agreement. Billionaires must be devoided of their favorite fiat money tool. The war can be avoided by breaking down dollar monopoly. According to the excelent book The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking by Saifedean Ammous, inflatory emissions made war much easier and more profitable for the richest ‘elite’:

“With sound money, the government’s war effort was limited by the taxes it could collect. With unsound money, it is restrained by how much money it can create before the currency is destroyed, making it able to appropriate wealth far more easily”

And one more quote from this book:

“It is no coincidence that when recounting the most horrific tyrants of history, one finds that every single one of them operated a system of government-issued money which was constantly inflated to finance government operation”

After the breakdown of the dollar-based system, bureaucracies of the countries around the World will try to save themselves returning to a gold standard, and initiating new spiral, this time launching digital currencies ‘based on gold’, which will be the worst of all scams. But it will allow to population a quicker learning about the difference between centralized currencies and decentralized cryptocurrencies. That will be an introduction into the destruction of alienated states as we know them today. They will have to transform first, from the national states to what they always should be — a line of necessary services for all their citizens. With the sound money and without the fiction of ‘Nations’ organized through Centralized Hierarchical Political Matrix, which creates inequality, crisis and terrible wars, there will be no more need for central banks or centralized budget filled with taxation over the sheeple. It will be a way to whithering of the State as we know it, just as predicted by a German philosopher from the 19th Century, named Karl Marx…

* * *

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