Wake The Sheeple Up! - Protect Our Freedoms- Enjoy with Troy!



Too often I find myself in tears. I think of the sad world we live in, and ask myself, why? Why did it have to go this far? Why did we allow it? Can we ever reclaim the freedoms and liberties we forfeited?

We did not get here by accident. It took several generations of the evil and demonic destroying the fabric and heart of mankind. I recall the video The Six Generation Spirit that so well explains the spiritual problem. Yet, explaining it does not solve or end the evil and tyranny that plagues our world.

Over the decades we have become selfish, lazy and lost our true moral and spiritual compass. The decay has been a cancer we have ignored far to long. We are a fat and apathetic lot, prime for butchering and a tyrannical takeover.

We have the stolen family by the demonic money thirsty CPS trafficking children. We have the Covid Plandemic and the stolen elections. Though this was in your face blatant, it was not the first election stolen. Nor was it the first virus purposefully injected on humanity. And who are the culprits? Well, the bankster, Big Pharma drug dealers, the military mob and the big tech who is silencing truth.



They tried bribing us with donuts, money, vacation pay, college tuition and now have grown impatient to have their real agenda met. It was never about the virus. It was about the vaccine. Welcome to your mandated and forced Certificate of Vaccination ID merged with AI (corresponding numbers 19).

When the government fears the people there is freedom. Yet, when the people fear the government, we have tyranny. Many have chosen to to get the jab, for fear of losing their job, their family or their life. And yet, they have gained nothing, for they are now branded like cattle, silenced and enslaved by their master.

We see the silencing of freedom and the common man on a global scale. The mask is a symbol of that silence. The six feet distancing is there to keep us from becoming a unified strong opposition to the lies. The jabs are there to depopulate, sterilize, track and trace, as well as manipulate our DNA so we are merged with 5G AI and no longer in God's image.

We did this scene back at the time of the great flood. That is why God wiped out the gene pool, as it was corrupt. Must we go there again?

The only way to solve this is through a unified global non-compliance. We know this. But how do we achieve this? How do we wake the sheeple up? How do we end apathy? How do we save freedom and humanity?

I so whish I had the answer. I can write a thousand posts on Hive, Steemit, Facebook, Twitter and every other site, and will continue to do so... but what good is it if the masses are so asleep, sick or apathetic that they cannot hear?

They are not dead yet? Right?

This is a war on freedom, the common man and on family. But more importantly, this is a spiritual war of good and evil. No response to the call is a only siding on the side of evil. We must save the family and the children. Yes. But we must save our freedom and our world, or else we will not have a world.

Wake The Sheeple Up!

I could use stronger language but it is time to wake the --- up and protect what freedoms we still have.

What we need is a global unified non-compliance to the tyranny that is enchaining our people. Are you willing to take a stand? Are you awake? Hello?

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