Have 'Artificial Rain Experiments' Gone Global?

For some of you, all this is not new. What is new is that weather modification denial is dead for good.

Dubai manipulated its weather a few days ago and the mainstream just hoops along, hailing the emirate for its fast action as the heatwave got close to reaching 122F! But it is time again to read between the lines.

The MSM just admitted that "weather modification" is now a conspiracy fact.

Moreover, we just did a quick search and the current temperature in Dubai is 97F. Its yearly average is like 102F through August. Sure, the thermometer could jump to 115F every now and then. We will never know if 122F was real, however. But it is a very smart move to mix information because people will rather tend to look at the numbers and agree with the measure taken (science saving the day) instead of what is being truly conveyed. It is also very likely that many people assume that Weather Modification is a brand new technology while it is not.

From a metaphysical standpoint, Weather Modification had to be introduced in the broad daylight because The Great Reset players need our approval first. Truth has to remain available at all times. The failure to respond appropriately amounts to acquiescence. Schwab and his henchmen bank on the fact that we won't do anything.

We have to do both, stand up and work on redesigning society from scratch.

As we will see, cloud seeding technology has way more downsides than it appears. As people may be inclined to accept it because rainfalls are vital, they also wreck temperatures havoc. Cloud seeding does not create clouds but injects them with chemicals such as silver iodide which seems to be the world's most popular technique at this moment.

Yes, they are wrecking temperatures havoc!

And here is why. Consider that cloud seeding has been ongoing for over 7 decades and implemented worldwide, they obviously also disrupt water cycles. As you read this freezing temps have been recorded in Sao Paulo but what the MSM doesn't say is that the average winter temps are about 40F. It is thus very easy to "engineer" a 10F drop if interfering with water cycles.

There is no egg-chicken dilemma here. But now world governments can invoke the need for rainmaking agendas that have caused climate turbulence in the first place. Our weather patterns have lost their own organic cycles. We can no longer rule out the possibility that something unnatural is happening when aware of Weather Modification programs.

Environmental friendly, really?

If it is so environment friendly why is the military interested in increasing rain and snow by artificial means since the early 50s, would we ask? The 2001 Guardianuk article below reveals that Weather Modification for warfare is another conspiracy fact. The Great Reset cannot be implemented if food and water supplies are not under control, hence the need to create scarcity by controlling the weather.

There is no doubt that long-term water cycle disruptions alter the climate because they ultimately affect atmospheric currents. One cannot influence any atmospheric layer without disturbing those above and below, and that opens the door to a series of unintended and unavoidable consequences. Of course, this is known and over the last 70 years, Weather Controllers have had all the time to master their techniques.

Even hurricanes and typhoons can be made worse. We have to stop being naive here!

The biosphere depends on very specific conditions to function organically. Areas receiving (much less) less rain have their place in the ecosystem, they help redirect rainfalls to other parts of the world. Deserts have to exist. Creating rainfall over Dubai may mean that the rain will not reach a neighboring country.

We are no scientists but have no problem conceiving that rain is not really created but stolen or redirected. If you are not familiar with the website geoengineeringwatch.org yet we recommend it. There you will learn that there is much more than cloud seeding going on. By the way, most US states have a "cloud seeding committee".

Earth knows best what it has to do with its cloud formations. This is extremely bad science, to say the least! Ironically, we give this WIKI link a very good rating, although we tend to avoid WIKI since it helps censorship. Due to the massive ongoing awakening, we'd even advise saving much of the data as the page could be targeted for deletion in the weeks ahead.

And we'll say it again, it is our philosophy that must change.

Our current education system has run its course and it is no longer fixable. The latter has to teach that life is a zero-sum game which can only be dedicated to creativity and self-improvement. Materialism falsely preaches the opposite and that we can fool the game by just competing for the best seats. That power buys freedom but it cannot be farther from the truth, competition is truly a musical chair game that we all play and many will be left holding the bag this time again if we don't change our societal premises.

In fact, the killing of the planet is the metaphysical consequence of the fear of being insignificant and irrelevant (a deep lack of life purpose) and projecting that into our behaviors. And some get filthy rich from fear. The matter is philosophical and psychological above all.

We need to learn to walk without what we refer to (by today's standard) as "safety nets", and that the best way to ensure the stability of humanity and the biosphere is to adopt a system without rulers and based on cooperation.

There is a huge amount of references as you will see

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Dubai is making its own fake rain to beat 122F heatwave (July 2021)

Weather Modification Council: What is Weather Modification?
Weather modification (also known as cloud seeding) is an environmentally friendly way to generate more precipitation from clouds in the form of rain or snow. It works through the introduction of tiny particles ("seeds") that create additional droplets or ice, thereby accelerating the precipitation process and improving the cloud's efficiency. Cloud seeding is also used to reduce hail damage and eliminate fog. This well-established technology has been in use since the 1940s in dozens of countries around the world. http://www.nawmc.org/

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Weather Modification History was created to inform the public of the extensive history of weather modification experiments. Our goal is to increase public awareness and debate about the moral and legal implications of today's multi-billion dollar weather control industry and the coming global governance of sunlight-blocking geoengineering schemes. https://weathermodificationhistory.com/

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