Cold Wars

"On the shores of some artificial dream, a conflict, long simmering, is beginning to stir..."

Evocative words, right?
My newest work, "Cold Wars" depicts a standoff between a lone human (as far as I know) soldier and a single dragon, soaring up into the twilight clouds above an ancient jagged citadel. You would think the soldier is outmatched, and definitely outgunned.

Screenshot 2021-09-10 214555.png
However, this is not Earth. This is not even in our Universe. It's not even far away. It's just there.
Somewhere in the Multiverse.
The nameless ocean is vast and deep. Waves curl and crash against smooth ashen rocks on the shore. Water licks at the soldier's boots.
Is he looking away from the dragon? If you look closely he is. What could possibly take his attention away from something so goddamn dangerous?
Where has the Hive taken us? What is this place, and what is happening?

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