Calm After the Storm ~ #hurricanenora

We definitely didn't get it like Ida gave it to Louisiana. But I was told this was one of the worst to hit PVR in years. A bridge was taken out due to a river over flowing, which also took with it a restaurant.


We lost power off and on for a few hours, until it was completely knocked out for about 4 hours during the peak of the storm.


I decided it was really smart to venture out onto the street and get a small glimpse of the weather. Met up with my neighbor Tom, checked out the scenery, and got a phone call from mi madre.


99% of the damage was contained to PV. Not much besides some roofing tiles, palm frawns, and garbage cans thrown about happened here in Bucerias. Pretty fortunate it wasn't much worse.


So far in over 3 months down here, I've experienced my first earth quake which vibrated the couch I was sitting on a few inches from the wall.

And now my first ever hurricane. Albeit a category 1, but still, hurricane none the less.

What else will the weather throw at us in the next few months???

Thanks for reading & watching.

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