25K HP + a little extra power-up

Time is flying by faster than that time Arnie was sent down that tube in that little toboggan in the film The Running Man.

Proper fast.

It’s the 1st August already. I’m knackered. So much going on with work and family.

1st August is ofcourse HPUD!
I powered up a token amount of 100 HIVE to just take part really and too keep an eye on my account.


I’ve been building and building over the last 3-4 years and it’s staggering to notice I’ve clocked past 25,000 HP too!


A mammoth number that seems to have been hit by accident/without intent. Genuinely. I don’t have targets. I just continue posting and curating. Whatever I fancy really.

I think of myself back when I started looking at accounts with 10,000 steem and being blown away.

And here I am. Somehow with 25,000 of these little nuggets 😎

I may have slowed down my HIVE activity a bit...

but I’m still around and will naturally pick things up when it feels right. Curating with 20,000 however does bring nice rewards, so I’m happy doing that for the time being.

Maybe more posts when I feel inspired.

Take care everyone, happy Hive Power Up Day!

Y’all remember this scene though, right? WELL FAST!




Cheers for reading, @ashtv

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