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Steem bot not working properly

Hello steemians
Yesterday the bot was not working properly due to problems in steemit API, hence many bidders faced problems and some lucky bidders got more than what was there due bid share especially @valuematic and @jesusjacr got 50% each when their share was only 7.6%. When I checked the bot I felt that it was wrong on my part to keep the bid amount of other bidders so I manually voted for each bidders and kept the bid amount slightly higher as I didn't want myself to be on recieving end on the judgement day. As God will forgive anything except the cheating or fraud or injustice to the fellow humans. I couldn't vote for one bidder as I could not point out the post for which he had bidded and I returned the amount of 0.363 sbd to him. Then at around 12.00am bot started working properly and again voted for the bidders whom I had already voted. Anyway it was my loss but am happy that all the bidders got more than what they bidded for. Enjoy. Steem-Dollar.jpg

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