We Won! - October 23, 2021 @goldenoakfarm

Bathroom window - setting up crop Oct. 2021.jpg

On Saturday morning I got started around 5AM putting things back where they belonged. I mostly worked in the bathroom, putting the crystals back in the window with the other things.

I got a few things back in the office too. But I needed to clean the old desk before I could bring much more in.

Landing bookcases finished crop Oct. 2021.jpg

My cleaning helper arrived at 8AM and set to work on the bookcase. She finished it just after 10AM and helped me clean up the top of the woodbox.

I’d gotten the old desk cleaned up and polished and brought in the plants that had been waiting for it to be done.

Big bookcase holes crop Oct. 2021.jpg

When my other cleaning helper had done the big bookcase in the office, I hadn’t been around for some reason. I had wanted to sort the books, inventory them, and decide what to discard. So when I finished the old desk, I started on that. There are lots of holes in it now.

Discarded books Big bookcase crop Oct. 2021.jpg

These are almost all of the discards. My cleaning helper took home a bunch. I’ve got to take them out of inventory before I can offer them on BuyNothing.

Big garden - first mulching crop Oct. 2021.jpg

On Friday my helper friend had gotten the south end of the Big garden weeded, and then put mulch down so it would not have to be done again.

Mowing done1 crop Oct. 2021.jpg

After some lunch and a rest, I went out to start the mowing. It had not been done since the first of September and the leaves were coming down now. Now the grass is short, it will be easier to get the leaves up. You can see there’s no shortage on our oak tree still.

Mowing done2 crop Oct. 2021.jpg

My son was here and put the lawn chairs away and did the push mowing. We’re to have a bad frost Saturday night and there’s plenty of leaves that will come down.

It took 3 hours to get all the mowing done, with all the leaves that had fallen. I came inside and rested a while then set about laying fires to be lit when the sun went down.

Office - first fire crop Oct. 2021.jpg

I would be lighting the first fire in the office for the year. The masonry heater has already had several fires at night.

New South - dianthus, multi wallflowers, portulaca, catnip, hollyhocks crop Oct. 2021.jpg

I still have lots of nice flowers, but just didn’t have the energy to cut a bunch for the house. The frost would certainly take them out during the night. This is the New South garden with dianthus, multi colored wallflowers and portulaca.

New rosemary inside crop Oct. 2021.jpg

As I was sitting down resting, it occurred to me that if I did want a new rosemary for the house, I’d best get out there and dig one right away. Then I went up to do the cats and on the way back in the house, I noticed the rain gauge and decided I’d best bring that in while I was thinking of it.

Fairy inside crop Oct. 2021.jpg

Then it dawned on me that I’d best bring in my fairy and the bird bath too. I was too tired to find a place for the fairy so she’s in the laundry. I’ll get a table from the attic for her to sit on all winter.

On Sunday I have 5 windows to wash and more stuff to put away. I might inventory the books for BuyNothing and maybe even the Big bookcase.

On Monday it’s to rain all day and my window lady is coming. We have 8 big windows to do. Then that project will be finished. I just have to change over to winter clothes and plant garlic and clean out and mulch the 2 veg gardens. And it’s the beginning of the last week of October…

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