Still Cleaning and Moving Mulch - October 13, 2021 @goldenoakfarm

Mulch hay crop Oct. 2021.jpg

On Wednesday my intern would be here and she and I and the carpenter and the carpenter’s trailer would be moving mulch first thing. The hay guy had said he had about 30 – 40 bales, but in the end there were 51 and we made 2 trips.

Cleaning - restoring the office crop Oct. 2021.jpg

While we were gone my helper who comes to clean tackled the big bookcase, taking the books out, vacuuming each one, dusting and polishing the shelf before putting them all back. It hadn’t been done last year and with the masons’ dust, it was bad.

Emptying the storage unit - couch crop Oct. 2021.jpg

I asked the carpenter if while we had the trailer, could we go and finally empty the storage unit? There was this couch, boxes of photo albums, 3 file cabinets, and some storage boxes for the workshop. He was game and so we went and got everything of mine out of the unit.

There’s just a few things left in it that belonged to my husband’s mom and his brother will have to deal with them. The unit’s paid through the end of November and that will be one less bill I have to deal with.

Emptying the storage unit - storage boxes crop Oct. 2021.jpg

I plan to put the open cubbies on the floor with the drawers above and the long narrow drawer between them. The drawers will hold my husband’s corded power tools.

Storm windows to wash crop Oct. 2021.jpg

My helper also brought up all these storm windows from the cellar. I have to get them washed in preparation for the window washing on Saturday.

I still have moved next to nothing out of the kitchen back into the office, making cooking difficult. But I’ll just keep chipping away at the cleaning…

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