Ready for the Cold - October 19, 2021 @goldenoakfarm

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Tuesday morning when I went out to feed the cats, the windshield had a thick layer of ice on it. We were only supposed to be upper 30’s – low 40’s but we must have dropped below 32F during the night. Getting the winterization and windows done has suddenly gotten crucial.

The carpenter’s helper worked with me on Tuesday. My cleaning helper called in sick. She says she thinks she will be here on Wednesday instead.

The first thing I had the helper do was repair the window guide that had broken on Sunday. He had brought up the storm door windows before he started and I was washing them while he fixed the window. Then we set about removing the protective bar and grates from each door, taking out the screen, and putting the storm window in and replacing everything.

The protective bar had sharpish edges from when they were made and I asked him to round them as we took each bar off. We got the 3 doors done in the addition and then tackled the hard one in the office.

It wasn’t sturdy enough to swing the weight of the glass and needed beefing up. It took us about an hour to get it to hang properly. He did a few small jobs and I went back to washing windows.

Mid afternoon the carpenter and his wife helped me take the truck in to be evaluated for repair. I’m hoping they can fix the reverse when it’s in 4WD.

Back home again, I got the last of 3 windows in the office done. There are 5 more to do.

On Wednesday, my cleaning helper and her partner will be here and we’ll be tackling the last of the stone dust mess in the hall and bathroom. I hope to get 4 of the 5 windows done and the back steps door finished also.

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