Putter Projects - October 25 - 27, 2021 @goldenoakfarm

After the nor'easter crop Oct. 2021.jpg

They predicted a nor’easter of some substance coming in on Tuesday. I did sort of hope we’d get it, just to find out if the old chimney leaked. We did get the wind, but not much rain. This was the sunset afterwards on Wednesday night.

Discarded books crop Oct. 2021.jpg

After all I’d done on Saturday, Sunday was an easy day. I did laundry and read mostly. Monday the carpenter didn’t come as the incoming nor’easter went into his joints and he had a bad night. The curse of being 77 years old… But that was okay as I also had a bad night and didn’t get much done all day.

Tuesday my cleaning helper was here and while she did a weekly sort of cleaning of the addition, I got the books taken out of inventory, moved to the bedroom to go to the attic, and then listed them on BuyNothing.

Sorted books crop Oct. 2021.jpg

Wednesday morning I got the boxes of books for the hall bookcase sorted through and organized by shelf. I can’t put them away until the electrician moves the outlet behind the bookcase.

The reason I was doing that was because I needed to know if any were going to move to the big bookcase in the office. Some did. And the reason I had to figure out the big bookcase was because I had to clean off the 8’ table and most of the stuff went into the bookcase.

Collecting pictures crop Oct. 2021.jpg

The reason I needed the 8’ table was my intern was coming and we’d be sorting my husband’s photos to go on the hall wall in a sort of collage thing.

The next thing I did was go through all of his family’s photo albums looking for pictures of him. There weren’t many. My intern had arrived by then and she went through some too.

I had a lot of albums for his family I didn’t want to keep, so we took them back to the storage unit. Then we braved all the construction everywhere and went across the river to get the car thoroughly washed.

After lunch we went down to get the truck. It’s to be repaired, but finding parts can take up to 5 weeks. So I brought it home until they can start work.

Cleaning up the barn crop Oct. 2021.jpg

The carpenter’s helper had come and I set him to work cleaning up the wood in the barn. Some was pieces that could be used for something. And a lot was wood that should be cut up for kindling.

He moved a lot of the usable wood down to the other end, to go up into the loft. He also cut up 4 grain sacks of kindling. We can at least walk safely from one end of the barn to the other now.

On Thursday I plan to get out the winter clothes and I’m supposed to go on a road trip in the afternoon to the Vermont Country store and do some leaf peeping. I dunno how much leaf peeping is left after the nor’easter, as the wind seems to have taken most of the leaves off. But it’s to be a beautiful day, the only one this week, so we are going.

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