Progress - October 21, 2021 @goldenoakfarm

Hunters's moon at dawn crop Oct. 2021.jpg

Coming back from the barn Thursday morning at sunrise the Hunter’s Moon hung over the trees around the front pasture. They are about half color now.

Glassware clean crop Oct. 2021.jpg

My project for the day was to get the squash to the root cellar, cut up and bake the ones that would not store, and wash up all the glassware from the office.

Clean landing bookcase crop Oct. 2021.jpg

My 2 cleaning helpers were here and they tackled the books in the landing once they’d cut up all the squash. They took them all out, keeping them in order, dusted and vacuumed each one and did the bookcases, then put them back.

While the white bookcase was out, I had the carpenter put a back on it. It just had a couple braces and books would fall down behind it. They got this bookcase finished. One of them will be back on Saturday and finish the remaining books.

Lunch - tomato soup and toasted cheese crop Oct. 2021.jpg

For lunch I made some of my tomato soup and a couple grilled cheese sandwiches with Monterey jack cheese.

After lunch and a long rest, I vacuumed the first floor and got the living room and dining room floors washed.

On Friday I will get up early and get the rest of the floors washed before people start arriving at 7AM. I hope to mow the lawn as it’s not been done since Labor Day and the leaves are coming down. I’m to have the carpenter’s helper and will ask him to do the push mowing before he starts weedwacking.

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