Pressure Washing the House - October 14, 2021 @goldenoakfarm

Pressure washing the house crop Oct. 2021.jpg

On Thursday the carpenter’s helper was here and he undertook to get the whole house pressure washed before I had to start windows on Saturday. He started on the north side where it was the worst and made it around to here, working clockwise.

He had this side where the ladder is and the side facing the road left to do, and the woodshed. He will finish it on Friday.

West of Steps - mums crop Oct. 2021.jpg

The warm Indian summer days we’ve had for the last week and a half pushed the chrysanthemum flowers to all open. They are quite pretty by the front steps.

East of Steps - mums crop Oct. 2021.jpg

I bought these mums with my husband last year and am glad they survived and have done so well.

Purple sunset crop Oct. 2021.jpg

Thursday evening we had a lovely purple sunset.

Friday will be more cleaning all day, trying to move stuff out of the kitchen. I am rearranging the office area to accommodate an easy chair for visitors to sit in.

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