Moving Out and a Visit - October 17, 2021 @goldenoakfarm

Gourds on steps crop Oct. 2021.jpg

I’d been giving away gourds like crazy. Lots went to children to take to school to share. I needed 9 but had 6+ dozen.

Moving hay1 crop Oct. 2021.jpg

On Sunday morning I started washing windows in doors around 6:30. My window lady arrived at 8:30 and we set about washing windows inside, all the double hung ones in the addition. About 10AM the hay man showed up to start moving the round bales out.

Moving hay2 crop Oct. 2021.jpg

I went up to select the 3 they would leave for me for mulch and to show them where to put them. They spent until mid afternoon moving hay.

Moving hay3 crop Oct. 2021.jpg

They had 2 large trailers and each of those bales weighs between 1500 – 1800 lbs. They would be removing 90,000 lbs of hay from the farm this year, less the 1500 I kept.

Hay bales gone crop Oct. 2021.jpg

It looks different now that the white marshmallows are gone. That white lump is very old mulch. Someday I must do something about it. I also have to get the old mower and the dead bushhog taken out for scrap.

We got the whole addition’s windows done, except 1 door’s windows and also the 3 big windows in the office. She comes back in a week and we finish the rest of the office and all the upstairs windows. In the meantime, I will be washing the 10 remaining windows I can do myself. Plus trying to finish the cleaning of the stone dust…

Puzzle started crop Oct. 2021.jpg

In the afternoon my surrogate grandchild came to visit with her mom. She wanted to try doing the 1000 piece puzzle, but being 5, she quickly lost interest. Her mom and I got the pieces turned over and the edge pieces sorted out.

The little girl wanted to go outside where she ate all the raspberries, swung on the swing, and then found the hay pile we’d brought in on Wednesday in the Big garden.

She set about climbing and jumping and running around on it, after rearranging it to her liking. Then she asked us to move to the yellow chairs “where the audience sits” under the trees and continued playing and narrating what she was doing.

At one point, all her clothes came off and she was up there bare bum running around. Made us itch just to think of it, but it didn’t fazed her. Eventually she slowed down and came out to climb the apple tree. She made up a song about cider making and sang it to us from the tree.

Pam, Hazel3A crop Oct. 2021.jpg

We came inside when the mosquitoes appeared and she spent a lot of time making a toy for the old cat (who could have cared less). Then we got out her pop-up books and I read to her.

Pam, Hazel1 crop Oct. 2021.jpg

When it was time for them to go, we had a race to see who could get her sock on a foot first. It was a lovely visit and they went home with lots of gourds for her kindergarten class. I got to visit with her mom and hear about the sheep and what was happening in their life up in the hilltowns.

Monday I hope to get storm doors on with the carpenter’s helper and get some more windows washed.

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