Cleaning up the Farm - October 15 & 16, 2021 @goldenoakfarm

House - all clean crop Oct. 2021.jpg

The theme for October this year is Cleaning. I wish it meant the gardens, but alas, not much. The outside of the house is pristine now as is the woodshed.

Woodshed clean crop Oct. 2021.jpg

Front pasture fenceline cleaned crop Oct. 2021.jpg

My son has been working on the pastures, clearing brush off the fences and weedwacking.

Washing windows1 crop Oct. 2021.jpg

Inside I switched from stone dust removal to window washing. On Saturday morning I started at 5AM washing the 23 storm windows in preparation for my window lady’s arrival at 8:30.

The weather had cleared and we were going to do all the windows that required a ladder outside, awning and picture windows.

Washing windows2 crop Oct. 2021.jpg

My goal was to get all 12 done and we did, finishing at 12:30. I was wiped out from washing so many windows and rested all afternoon and in bed at 6:30.

She was coming back on Sunday and we’d tackle all the rest of the double hung windows in the addition. If there was time we’d start in the office.

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