Around the Gardens - October 16, 2021 @goldenoakfarm

Small garden - cleaned out crop Oct. 2021.jpg

On Saturday my helper friend came and started cleaning out the Small garden. He also harvested all the basil as I will not get to it this year.

Big garden - quince flowering crop Oct. 2021.jpg

When I went out to get a photo, I saw the big quince in the Big garden was flowering, huge flowers.

Big garden - nasturtiums and marigolds crop Oct. 2021.jpg

The nasturtium in the southwest corner of the Big garden is huge. I should be dehydrating it, and the marigolds.

Big garden - marigolds, kale, parsley crop Oct. 2021.jpg

This is the lacinato kale, marigolds, and parsley, and they also need harvested. It’s to get cold next week and I don’t know if I can get to them.

Big garden - mesclun, carrots, calendula crop Oct. 2021.jpg

The carrots have recovered from the woodchuck and are going great guns. The mesclun bed is doing well also.

In the background the comfrey has died back and the horehound that was in the tomato area is doing great.

Big rose crop Oct. 2021.jpg

The Big rose by the Small garden is still flowering well.

North side foliage crop Oct. 2021.jpg

There’s more color along the north side now.

New Herb - Rows 2 and 3 crop Oct. 2021.jpg

In the New Herb garden this area attracts the eye. It’s very overgrown and colorful. It’s Rows 2 & 3 with the sunset hyssop, calendula, borage, and toothache plant.

New Herb - Row 2, toothache overgrowth crop Oct. 2021.jpg

I’d hacked the toothache plant back into its bed a couple months ago, but it didn’t care. It’s back in all the walkways and the adjoining beds.

New Herb - west side crop Oct. 2021.jpg

This is the west side of the New Herb garden. Marigolds, tansy, chamomile, borage, and Tulsi basil.

Wildflower area crop Oct. 2021.jpg

The wildflower area has mostly gone to seed and died back. Most of the green left is either yarrow or coreopsis and the inevitable grass. In November when it’s all died, I will go over it with the mower.

Little trees1 crop Oct. 2021.jpg

In the Little Trees row, the elderberries are starting to lose their leaves. One cherry tree lost all its several weeks ago. But the comfrey here is still doing fine.

Little trees2 crop Oct. 2021.jpg

Next year, I must find lots of wood mulch and re-do this bed. I also hope to build an enclosure to keep the deer and birds off the fruit and trees. But soon I must put the protectors on the trunks to prevent rodent damage during the winter.

Night blooming Cereus - Epiphyllum oxypetalum  crop Oct. 2021.jpg

Inside, as I’ve worked on cleaning the plants, I decided I didn’t need 2 of these huge Night Blooming Cereus - Epiphyllum oxypetalum and offered this one on BuyNothing. No takers yet, so I may offer it on the gardeners groups.

I still have garlic to plant, now a week late doing it, and the 2 veg gardens to clean out and mulch. That much HAS to get done outside. If I can, I’ll tackle the New Herb also. But I’m running out of time…

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