Farm to Table ~ Harvesting a Goat on an Organic Farm in Mexico ~ #goatballsactuallytasteprettygood

Well this one is definitely not what you would call usual content from me. But I had the opportunity to join along with my buddy Tom, and visit his friend Doug's organic farm, off the beaten path, here in Mexico.

goat tn.png

But this was no apple picking kinda day. No sir-e.

There were a bunch of goats in the pen, and one had our name written all over it. It was time to thin the herd and bring Doug some much needed sustenance and some cash.

When you live this kind of lifestyle, your options are to deal and work with what you have. In Doug's case, that means selling his fruits, veggies, and his goats.

Me and Tom got to lend him a hand and got to experience what living off the land is really all about.

If you've ever thought about homesteading or trying to live off the land, think again. Unless you are ready for a challenge. It takes hard work and lots of know how and knowledge.

Doug could read his land like a book. It was really cool to hear his stories, his upbringing, and how he came to live this life.

I wish I could have shared the whole days worth of video, but I had to condense the video down to something watchable.

I hope you'll check it out!


Could you live like Doug?!

Do you already live like Doug? If so, what part of the world? and what obstacles do you face that Doug might not?

Thanks so much for reading & watching.

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