Introducing T-Man Adventures!

Over lockdown 2020, when we were fully locked down with nothing much else to do, my boy T started filming and creating a series of fun entertaining videos inspired by his favourite YouTubers.

A new project was born 😁
(We worked very closely together on the logo, all elements are his ideas!)


He discovered he was a natural on camera, mimicking the style of his favourite (super confident) YouTubers 😎

We had been making them a year or so before too, which we just shared privately with friends and family.
This has been a fantastic confidence builder for him in so many ways. So many things learned - which is great for our unschooling world.

However, he wanted to make these T-Man Adventure videos really special for his friends and the wider world too; mainly to show everyone that he was still around and to entertain them with his natural gift of talking funny. I guess this was the equivalent of a video call with his pals (which he never had the attention span to do!) - so with help in video production we made something way cooler!

We filmed his videos at home either in the kitchen or outside, with 2 x GoPro cameras, a light and an iPad. That’s about it.

I followed up filming with a good editing session and added some cool ideas to the music and titles etc.

We spent time together building props and planning out the production too, and I make an appearance in most videos :)

So I present the first video we made of T-Man Adventures over lockdown 2020 called ’Taking The Dart Throw Challenge!’
It was entirely his idea, we just helped make it happen. 🔥

If you can, please consider subscribing to his YouTube channel to see more videos.
He would LOVE to make it over 100 subscribers on there (currently at 39 subs!), so your support is most welcome!

Also this is the first ever public thing we have done with T.
We’re trying to be careful with what we put out and how it’s consumed.
Our privacy is paramount, it always has been, but in this case we don’t believe there is harm in some fun videos of him going out to the wide world.

Go T-Man!

Thank you and we hope the kids in your life would enjoy watching these :)

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