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Hi All,
If your account is in the Blacklist of HiveWatchers / Spaminators this might be bad news for you. I decided to build a flag-bot who can accurately nullify spammers' earnings via this script.

Blockchain Reader Script

Case Study

If you dig deep, you might see there are 71,000+ blacklisted Hives/ex-Steemians in the given list & it's hard to reduce those earnings daily basis. But, if we could retrieve the pattern of their earnings & etc, I think it might be easy to handle. Therefore, I am going to collect those blacklisted members' activities & save them in a Database.
Look at the above image, you can see this bot is reading every single block & capturing Blacklisted member activity (Post / Comment) top of the chain.

Database Entry

What It Does?

Please check the above image, you can see all activities (Post / Comment) are inserting into a Database. This is what Script 01 does (Already developed script 01).
After that, I will go to develop Script 02 which will do few jobs (I am planning its features at the moment).
This script will check the data entries which are based on Timestamps and if a Blacklisted article or comment earned more than the Max Capped value this script can trigger that post, comment detail & will nullify the earning of that post. (Need Hive Power to this nullify bot).
Moreover, I am planning to develop an API call to retrieve data through this Db. So anyone can use those data to fight against spammers more accurately.

When Final Bot?

I hope to hand over this script to the @hivewatchers, @guiltyparties, @spaminator, or anyone willing to fight against abusers of the chain. My Hive Power is not enough to nullify those earnings. I will not set this script in a public repository. But people who actively fight against such abuses can receive the scripts and my full support if needed.

Stay Safe & Enjoy

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