Sampling Full Posting History with Hive Analytics

HiveAnalytics has been a work in progress for some time. It still is!
Today I have pushed out an update to sample posting history instead of showing the full history for the user drill down. I know the UI needs some work but I'll get back to that.

Today's update addresses the challenge of showing a representative history, being really comprehensive for analytics, and balancing it with resource usage and performance. I want to minimise impact on the fantastic data resource that is made available to the community by @arcange. It can be tweaked further.

  • It now retrieves maximum of 200 posts from a users posting history (randomly selected from their full posting history including Steemit)


I wasnt sure if this statistical sampling was possible using SQL statements but it seems to be working fairly well. This opens the door for much more comprehensive analysis on users blockchain activity, keeping it performant, and hopefully low on community resource usage.

What dont you have access to that you would you like most to be able to see analysed from the Hive blockchain on regular basis with this app?

Try it out!

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