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Hey Everyone!

Things are really getting exciting at PIZZA and for PIZZA holders! We have seen a large influx of new holders and community members as well as a large number of new entries into our infamous Diesel Pools. Things are happening at PIZZA! Let's go over a few updates for the week:

Pizzabot Anti-Abuse

  • We've been monitoring bot usage pretty heavily and have discovered some patterns of what we consider to be abuse. For transparency, we're letting folks know that we've implemented a blacklist for accounts that we believe to be abusing the rewards system. If you feel you have been blacklisted in error, feel free to join us in Discord and reach out to myself or @hivetrending.

Discord Bot Updates

  • Enhanced bot code to display PIZZA Hive-Engine pricing data more accurately

Website Updates

  • Performance Updates
  • Removed data streams (Join our Discord for data streams!)
  • Development of HIVE Music Store is coming along nicely! We just have a working product in the next week or so.

Diesel Pool News & Updates

  • Our Diesel Pools combined are paying out over $322 USD per day to Liquidity Providers!

  • Combined, we have over 27,913 PIZZA tokens pooled with over $21,000 worth of swap volume between our pairs!


    • Pay Periods Remaining: 9
    • Volume: $12,536
    • Total Pooled:
      • 3,025 SWAP.HIVE
      • 6,995 PIZZA
    • Daily Payouts:



  • Pay Periods Remaining: 47
  • Volume: $7,905
  • Total Pooled:
    • 653,552 DEC
    • 20,662 PIZZA
  • Daily Payouts:


    • Pay Periods Remaining: 56
    • Volume: $735
    • Total Pooled:
      • 4,269,610 STARBITS
      • 4,226 PIZZA
    • Daily Payouts:


You can get in on our Diesel Pools by visiting TribalDex.
Here is a recent post on how to enter the PIZZA:STARBITS pool which is paying out over $150 daily!

HIVE Today

  • The latest Hive Today is available to read! Hive Today is a wonderful report prepared by @hivetrending who highlights some of the incredible things going on within the HIVE community!

Check it out!


Pineapple vs. No-Pineapple

  • I do enjoy pineapple on my pizza from time to time 😀
  • Grats to those in the Discord on team PINEAPPLE! 50 PIZZA tokens will be split between your team!


  • We'd like to announce another wonderful Giveaway that will be launched on Monday 8/30 in our DISCORD! 500 VIBES are up for grabs along with some Splinterlands cards and some PIZZA tokens! The announcement will be made in Discord between the time of this post and 11:59pm PST 8/30.


  • We will be heavily curating posts that promote the PIZZA token and highlight the amazing things and ways to earn that we offer. If you'd like to see that sexy 100% upvote from the curation account, make sure you tag or include the #hivepizza tag!

Delegation Update

  • We're very quickly nearing the 50k delegation mark! We're currently at just over 58k which means we're only 2k delegation away from adding another 10 PIZZA tokens to the daily rewards pool for delegations!



Circulating SupplyStakedBurnedMax

Over a quarter of a million staked pizza tokens! Wow!

  • We are on pace to burn 1 million tokens as planned by the end of the year.
  • PIZZA token has seen incredible growth and we have a continued trajectory upwards. We've not enough started to roll out some of the big stuff we're creating!
  • We're starting to see more and more off-chain users find HIVE through PIZZA as gamers seek out our Video Game store and investors look for opportunities for gains through our Diesel Pools. We've started onboarding users using the account tokens we have been purchasing with Resource Credits.



Wallet Status

4163 wallets hold $PIZZA
0842 wallets hold >= 1 $PIZZA ( 8-) )
0324 wallets hold >= 20 $PIZZA (bot access level 1)
0055 wallets hold >= 200 $PIZZA (bot access level 2)
0025 wallets hold >= 1000 $PIZZA (badass level)
0008 wallets hold >= 10,000 $PIZZA (baron level)



Splinterlands Booster Pack Winner

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Most engagements and reach

Discord Submission

We love Pizza, it's a fact! Pizza is the bond that brings us together. In the Discord we encourage our $PIZZA family to share photos of their pizza creations or of 'za they are trying throughout their day.

This week, we are choosing THREE winners from the Discord!

First Place
Submitted By: @drunksamurai
Award: 15 $PIZZA


Second Place
Submitted By: @fireguardian
Award: 10 $PIZZA


Third Place
Submitted By: @dibblers.dabs
Award: 5 $PIZZA


Thank you for your participation and enjoy your tasty $PIZZA tokens!



Top 10 Staked Leaderboards

Date: 8/29/2021
Token: #PIZZA
This weeks bonus: 8%

Want to get in on the action and secure your own weekly bonus rewards?

You can buy $PIZZA on LeoDex, TribalDex, or Hive Engine!
You can earn up to 10% back in the form of $PIZZA and other tokens by knocking our current leaders out and claiming your spot among the top!


@pizzaconnection @cooperclub @stickupboys @dadspardan @dibblers.dabs @fireguardian @shauner @hivetrending @pockettrader @brofundholdings

Lucky 5 Weekly $PIZZA Holders

(randomly chosen weekly from all holders with >= 1 $PIZZA in their wallet)


These lucky winners have won 3% of their staked $PIZZA holdings value back!

Remember, the more you have staked the more you can increase your lottery winnings! You can also secure guaranteed weekly winnings by being in the top 10 staked holders list! The rewards are up to 10% back weekly for our top 10!

@amphlux @stevescoins @d-zero @ronpurteetv @ricestrela

BONUS 5 Weekly 500 $PIZZA Holders

These 5 bonus winners are drawn from holders with >= 500 $PIZZA


Remember, the more you have staked the more you can increase your lottery winnings! You can also secure guaranteed weekly winnings by being in the top 10 staked holders list! The rewards are up to 10% back weekly for our top 10!

Congratulations and thank you for locking up your tasty za! Enjoy your bonus rewards of 3%!
@nyxlabs @huzzah @abh12345 @revise.leo @meesterboom

Daily Winners


Congratulations! You have won 5% of your $PIZZA holdings back in additional $PIZZA!
@smooms @focus.folks @flemingfarm @ciderjunkie @johannpiber @pablodare @jongolson



You can also delegate your HP to our curation account and farm your share of the daily $PIZZA rewards pool! The reward pool increases 10 tokens every 10k HP that is delegated to the account!

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You can also check out the HIVE.PIZZA website here.


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