A Tale of Two Pizza's Ongoing Contest (WEEK 5)

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How am I going to get a message out? Several days had passed since Barry's discovery and subsequent change in status within the Oil Baron's household. This one thought continued to drive him as Mr. Preda proved true to his word.

Barry had not had a moment alone since his last discussion with Mr. Preda. He had managed to keep as much information about the Pizza Baron back as possible- but he had been forced to give up some information in order to make his story believable. The Pizza Baron would be taken by surprise if he was unable to send a message. The problem was that his handler that normally received his messages and relayed them to the Baron was stationed in the outskirts of the Preda's compound. He was now confined to the house under the constantly watchful eyes of Chelsea, Mrs. Preda's attendant and he had so far been unable to slip away. He was scared what might happen if he did anyway. Wes will surely realize when I don't follow up after my last message. He should be back from delivering it by now

Wes was not, in fact back from delivering his message to the Pizza Baron. He had gone to visit his father in the Baron's house where he was cared for by the Baron's staff and doctors. Wes's father had proven to be nearly as helpful as Barry's parents, though his area of expertise was Electrical Engineering, not IT systems. He had been instrumental in building the solar arrays that powered everything in the compound and beyond. Due to this faithful service to the former Solar Baron, Danny Rupert had allowed him to continue to live out his days in the house despite his infirmity and confusion. Unfortunately Wes was in such a rush to visit with him on one of his good days that he fell down a set of stairs and instead of visiting, was now confined to the bed next to his father and had been unconscious since.

Danny Rupert, of course, was fully aware of this and had already sent a new contact to meet with Barry, bearing the news of the second pizza and the correct codes to replace Wes as his handler. If Barry did not give the correct codes in return she would know something had changed during Wes' absence.

She had spent years working for the Solar Baron and now the Pizza Baron on various missions to communities normally far out of reach. She was far more skilled than Wes, far more able to infiltrate, dissemble, distract, and extricate herself from any and all covert operations. She was intelligent, educated, and prepared for anything. If Barry didn't respond correctly when she made contact she was confident she would be able to investigate the situation further before returning to Danny Rupert. As her horse cantered along the old highway, threading between wrecked cars and jumping over holes in the crumbling asphalt she thought back to her last mission- setting up a surveillance system and spy network in Naples while simultaneously working on rebuilding their desalinization plant. Making contact with Barry would be easy in comparison.

As the highway turned steadily to the north she got her first view of the Oil Barons territory and spurred the horse to a gallop.
Watch out, Oil Baron, the engineer is coming.

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The rules for this week remain the same as previous weeks!

I'd like to continue building on the story of the Pizza Baron and his post apocalyptic world. Each week I'll pick a winner that becomes the next piece of the story and wins 20 $PIZZA and a 5 SBI sponsorship from me. I may award additional prizes if I feel multiple entries expand the story well.

Each week I'll write a post announcing the winner and then I will write another chunk of the story and open it up again for the next weeks competition. I'll compile the winning entry for each week. If we reach a conclusion of the epic tale of the Pizza Baron I'll divide another TBD amount of PIZZA among all the winning entries throughout the whole story and publish the finished story here on Hive with all the contributors as beneficiaries. If this goes well we might have the first open source blockchain novella on our hands! 😂

The first weeks contest established a secondary storyline that may be tied back into the main plot if you so wish!

Bear in mind this is an experiment as well as a competition so we will see how many entries I get and how well it goes!


Entries must be more than 200 words but less than 1000.

Entries must use the hivepizza tag

Entries must comment on this post with the link to their entry

Entries must fit in the world/scenario that has developed from the previous weeks contest(s). You are free to develop characters, introduce new ones, invite aliens to the feast, I don't care as long it makes some kind of sense in the context! The Pizza Baron should remain relevant to the plot!
(I've named it a Tale of TWO Pizza's for a reason HINT HINT)

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