Co-working at Edison with @schmidi and the @globalschool ☕️💻

schmidi and me at edison 1st floor.jpg

Today I met with the @globalschool and @schmidi at Edison Cafe/Bar co-working space in the 1st floor. Yesterday I had to buy a new laptop, because I ruined my old one while I tried to clean it. Never put liquid on the keyboard! The new one works quite well. The first thing I did was to log in to @peakd. Everything is working.

working at edison on my new pc.jpg

While @schmidi is presenting I write this little update for you. He is telling the students something about lifestyle and crypto blogging on the hive blockchain. They are listing and are asking questions. The goal is to make them more aware about what they can achieve in life with the right mindset and community. With the right people everything is possible.

presentation of schmidi at edison .jpg

Thank you for all your comments and votes, we see each other on the next #HiveMeetupVienna October 7th here at Edison! Please write me if you are planning to participate to the meeting. @schmidi, @pink-apple, @solymi, @soturi, @stayoutoftherz and @vikisecrets already decided to join us.

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