Edit day

I’ve been editing over the last couple of days

Cutting, re-cutting, colouring and finalising the new music video for goth band 1919 from Leeds, UK.

Great lads, and the song has really grown on me.
Not only the melody, and hearing new guitar parts of bass lines on each listen, but also the lyrics.
I like how the lyrics reveal themselves and are open to interpretation.
I’m often not too great at actually hearing what what singers are actually saying, quite literally. I’m a sucker for mishearing words (I can be a bit thick) and it can change the dynamic of the song in a massive way if you’re hearing something wrong.
The meaning changes. But this has been a great one to listen to numerous times during the edit process.

Anyway, I digress.

The video for the band has coming along really nicely. I think it’s done.

This frame is the opening shot of the video, and I think it’s really striking. Especially as the smoke is lingering oddly towards the upper half of the screen.


It’s like the opposite of what dry ice would characteristically do.
It’s eerie and a bit magic, which is what I was going for.
Off kilter saturated green and red colours really make it pop.

Same with this shot, I’m a big fan of spot lighting and smoke being captured in its rays.


I look forward to sharing the final video, although it’s release date is likely to be a little while off!

I’m shooting again tomorrow on another different music video.
So I’m getting ready for that tonight with an impromptu charging workshop at home going on.


Fingers crossed tomorrow goes well.

Cheers for reading, @ashtv.

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