A Tale of Two Pizza's Ongoing Contest (WEEK 8)

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As his driver wound his way between the ancient wreckage and abandoned vehicles on the crumbling road back from the meeting Danny's mind worked furiously. He was trying to put together the jumbled bits of information from Dutch, what he knew of the Preda's, the existence of the Pizza Bandits, and the ominous silence from Barry and Rachel. What the hell is going on? He just couldn't make sense of it. Was it all part of the same plot to undermine his influence, or were there two distinct forces at work here? I need more information! Where is the damn report from Rachel and Barry! I can't make the right moves here until I know for certain what I am dealing with... One misstep could bring down everything I've built! His fingers tapped restlessly on his knee as he gazed with unseeing eyes out the window. One thing at a time... Information first... Why would the note from the Preda's have a second hidden note scratched into it?!?! Too many unknowns... Rachel better report soon or I'll have her hide!

Soon the car approached his organized little town and passed through its well guarded but open gates and he shook himself out of his reverie, thinking instead of the blind pizza tasting that awaited him to test the new apprentice's crust...

In Charlie's kitchen the tension was palpable. Charlie and Frankches both knew they were competing with each other to make the best pizza for Danny's blind tasting. Yet they were supposed to be Master and Apprentice, they were supposed to work together. Frankches couldn't help but admire the smooth confidence with which Charlie worked his dough and tossed it- his experience was obvious to any onlooker. For Charlie's part he watched amazed at how quickly Frankches was able to knead and stretch his to a perfect consistency, with all the exuberance and energy of his youth. They were amicable enough, and yet they both knew they were being tested and pushed by the other. The two worked with different recipe's for the dough but the same sauce and toppings were supplied for each pizza. The difference would be in the crust. As the two pies were being topped and prepped for baking Otto arrived in the kitchen, smiling pleasantly at both of them.

"Ah, perfect, I've just received word that Danny is on his way. He has just returned from an important meeting and is eager to try the new crust! I'm glad that they are nearly done." He clapped Charlie on the shoulder as he spoke. "How has young Frankches been doing today, I can barely tell the difference between these two!"

"He has picked up the skill quickly, Otto, I've taught him as much as I am able, but he seems to have a natural affinity for dough!" Charlie replied, thinking inwardly I've still got a trick or two I haven't shared with this upstart! I'll show them why everyone knows the name Chef Charlie! "I'm sure the Baron will be impressed with how far he has come so quickly!"

At that Frankches paused in the act of sprinkling his pizza with mozzarella, glanced over at the two of them and grinned, "Charlie I could not have learned so much without a good teacher! I am sure I still have much to learn." He bowed his head slightly then returned to his pizza, spreading the rest of the cheese with a flourish and beginning to add pepperoni.

"Good Frankches well done! Now get those in the oven quickly- Danny will not want to be kept waiting! Charlie if you don't mind I must have a word with young Frankches, could you tend the pizzas as they bake?" Otto asked, beaming at both of them. Frankches looked back and forth from Otto to Charlie for a moment, took a deep breath as if he was going to object, sighed, then put the last pepperoni on his pizza and walked over to Otto. Charlie just grunted and waved them away, topping his own pizza and preparing to slide both of them into the clay oven nearby. Otto and Frankches turned to leave I can't believe my luck! Charlie thought as he watched from the corner of his eye.

Outside in the hall way Otto turned to Frankches and spoke softly and urgently "Frankches, my nephew, I am so proud of you learning so fast, and for keeping our relationship a secret! We must be quick lest someone overhear... There is an... opportunity for us... and the whole Russo family. I can't give you the details, but we would be free of the Pizza Baron forever. We would be honored and famed as is befitting the Russo name- but it depends on you. You have learned so much but it is your natural talent that shines through and makes your Pizza so special. Are you with me?"

"Uncle, you honor me with your praise! But I don't understand. The Baron has treated me well, by all accounts he treats you well and relies on your advice and help! I have nothing but respect for Danny Rupert, Chef Charlie, and the pizza they are making! Why should we risk what we already have. Why should I risk my mother and my new position for an unnamed 'opportunity?'" Frankches looked confused and slightly suspicious as he spoke, and Otto knew immediately that he had been too eager. The tablet sitting in his room had made him impatient!

"Frankches, you don't understand... Danny Rupert is not..."

"AH perfect! Otto, young Frankches! Good to see you! Come back into the kitchen!" At that exact moment the Baron appeared around the corner of the hallway, brushed past both of them, and walked into the kitchen, "Charlie! Wonderful to see you as well. How long until they are ready? I can't wait to try the new crust!"

"Uncle... I" Frankches whispered nervously.

"Not another word Frankches, we will speak again soon... Until then, remain silent!" With that Otto turned and followed Danny into the kitchen, leaving Frankches trembling and confused in the hallway.

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The rules for this week remain the same as previous weeks!

I'd like to continue building on the story of the Pizza Baron and his post apocalyptic world. Each week I'll pick a winner that becomes the next piece of the story and wins 20 $PIZZA and a 5 SBI sponsorship from me. I may award additional prizes if I feel multiple entries expand the story well.

Each week I'll write a post announcing the winner and then I will write another chunk of the story and open it up again for the next weeks competition. I'll compile the winning entry for each week. If we reach a conclusion of the epic tale of the Pizza Baron I'll divide another TBD amount of PIZZA among all the winning entries throughout the whole story and publish the finished story here on Hive with all the contributors as beneficiaries. If this goes well we might have the first open source blockchain novella on our hands! 😂

The first weeks contest established a secondary storyline that may be tied back into the main plot if you so wish!

Bear in mind this is an experiment as well as a competition so we will see how many entries I get and how well it goes!


Entries must be more than 200 words but less than 1000.

Entries must use the hivepizza tag

Entries must comment on this post with the link to their entry

Entries must fit in the world/scenario that has developed from the previous weeks contest(s). You are free to develop characters, introduce new ones, invite aliens to the feast, I don't care as long it makes some kind of sense in the context! The Pizza Baron should remain relevant to the plot!
(I've named it a Tale of TWO Pizza's for a reason HINT HINT)

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