Share Happy Hive Stuff on Twitter - Get some Hive!

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There are actually two reasons for this post - the first is to let people know that I might be a bit quiet over the next week or so, but it's completely unrelated to the current FUD going on in many places with the Hive price drop. As I've mentioned in passing a few times, I have some health issues going on in my immediate family (myself included) which might pull me afk here and there in the coming days. There's also the strong possibility I'll be online even more than ever, as it's my preferred method of hiding from reality... 😂

The second is that I have some $HIVE from @theycallmedan burning a hole in my wallet (thanks again to @eddiespino for sending it my way!) and I've been wanting for weeks to do some kind of fun giveaway.

So those two things combined have resulted in this...

Share Happy Hive Stuff on Twitter - Get some Hive!

What do I mean by happy Hive stuff? Simple! Just use the hashtag #Hive and tweet out something like...

  • Why you're so bullish on Hive
  • Hive content (someone else's or your own) that makes you happy
  • Hive visuals (memes or gifs) that make you smile

Then drop the link to your tweet in the comment section below. Early next week (after the countdown timer on this post expires) I'll go through the comments & drop some Hive into some wallets.

How much Hive?

At the moment, I've set the prize pool to a total of 111 $HIVE, but depending on how many people enter, I might bump it up a bit.

Suggestions & resources for entries


And that's it! 😊

Happy Hive Tweeting!


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