What's your plan? (2)



Seems like I was spot on about the market being far too hot. 😢😄

I actually sold a bit of BTC on the 12th, but truth is, I didn't listen to myself enough and deleveraged less than I could have. However, in regards to HIVE mostly due to the power-down. When I had more liquidity, prices were around 1k sats at ~50 cents which is an ok-sell range, but I'd rather hold it there.

Another reason though why I didn't take more profits is because I don't think that we're going into a multi-year bear market again just yet. My guess is that we'll reach at least 100k maybe even 200k before another huge retracement and the next cycle and the crash we're having right now is just a mid-summer thunderstorm after a long dry period.

And if I'd sell now and rebought at a lower level, I would most likely not reach "long-term capital tax gains" (held 1+ years => 0% in Germany) for another possible sell-move.

Obviously, all of this is not financial advice, just my personal thoughts which I hope you'll find interesting.

Anyways, keep your head up and remember:

Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.

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