Move out of your Bubble


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One thing I truly realized over the past months/year is that it's dangerous to stay too long in the same bubble.

It's like staying indoors and missing flowers bloom or trees unleashing their leaves. Once winter is over, it's time to shift gears.

And this is especially true in Crypto. Things move so fast, that if you're absent for a few months, you might have missed a bull run.

Most importantly, it's also important to look outside of your own bubble to determine what's possible and what's being done by others.

The reason Binance is so successful is that they do exactly that. Just today, they announced support for "tokenized stock trading". (not sure whether it's the correct term). AFAIK, the Mirror Protocol and FTX supported it previously, but Binance noticed it and implemented it themselves.

Same for their different ways of Earning. You can make so much money on Binance, even with stablecoins, it's crazy. (They saw the success in DeFi and implemented the same concepts on CeFi - genius).

However, if you're only in the Binance bubble, happy about low gas fees, you might miss what's going on over at Ethereum or Solana or Flow, etc.

So, make sure you read, watch, listen to as much as possible to open up your perspective, which makes you knowledgeable and resilient to people/projects trying to take advantage of your inexperience or limited view.

Best of all, it will allow you to take full advantage of the next few years.

Remember: we're early. Don't waste it!

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