Follow Friday: High times

The News

I expect I was not the only one to be nicely surprised by a boost in the $HIVE price yesterday. For a while the market cap was higher than that of $STEEM (which has more tokens). It has slipped back a little since then, but is settling higher than previously for now.


The Hive platform in general may have got a boost from the latest @splinterlands airdrop of SPS tokens. If you have been playing the game then you should be checking for those each day. Why not use some of this extra income to buy more $HIVE to power up?

I see Splinterlands is creating lots of accounts and I hope some of those new people will look at other aspects of Hive. They could be earning by blogging about the game. They could create videos on @threespeak. We all benefit from increased general activity.

If any of the new people are Brits then I would like to add them to the #BritList.

Friday Followings

  • Check out @hivebuzz for news of Hive Power Up Day and what you could win.
  • @keychain is an important Hive project providing tools to keep our keys safe on desktop and mobile.
  • Comic artist @arseniclullaby is exploring the world of NFTs and telling people about Hive. He has some new art on sale at @nftshowroom.
  • @grindle has done lots of urban exploration in Estonia. Lots old Soviet architecture to check out.
  • @gtown has been really active with guitar videos, but this one may be a step too far in expecting people to enjoy it. He explains why.,

The Doghouse

I do not have much to report on Hive abuse this week, but it is happening all the time. You should report cases to @hivewatchers so they can be investigated and dealt with. It is up to the community to prevent people earning when they do not deserve it.

The End

I have a busy weekend, but it is all fun stuff. If you have things going on then tell the Hive community about them. Find those who share your interests. We all need some inspiration. Hive is social and should be fun.

Hive five!

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