Follow Friday - Breaking out?

The News

Another fun week in Cryptoland with everything dropping, but most seem to be recovering now. It is just good to see $HIVE taking a lead today. It has been following Bitcoin for a while, but needs to get well above the 1000 Satoshi mark.

From @coingecko. We know which should be worth the most.

You can show $HIVE some support by giving a vote every day or so on CoinGecko. Feel free to downvote any you do not like. You can also earn 'candy' by visiting the site daily. There are various items to buy with it or get discounts.

Friday Followings

Every week (for some time) I have featured some members of the Hive community who ought to have more followers. Some may forget that this is a social platform. As well as voting you should be leaving comments so that people know their posts have been appreciated. Your comments can earn from votes too. Billions of people engage on other platforms for no rewards, so we have a big advantage. We just need to spread the word about it.

  • @streetwize is a Brit who has been through some tough times, but has turned his life around and is eager to get more into crypto and Hive.
  • @abeilleblooms is another new Brit here with artistic talents.
  • @hivetoday does weekly news posts about our favourite platform. I expect they would appreciate tips on what they should feature.
  • @cesaramos is a bass player from Venezuela playing some cool tunes.
  • @risingstargame are doing daily posts about giveaways to do with the game. That can be a way to make more progress thanks to the generous players.
  • @atnep111 is a dedicated Rising Star player who has won lots of packs by doing daily posts about it. He is very almost at minnow level, so a little extra help will help him get there.

These folk will get a share of what this post earns.

Play the Games

You should really check out this video featuring various Hive game developers.

Have Your Say

Posing a question may be a way to get more discussion going here, as well as the fact that I upvote comments. So my question for you today is:

If you have failed to get people to join Hive, what do you think puts them off?

Have a great weekend and Hive five!

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