Hive Is Invisible, Just Like Me

For many years I've been invisible because I don't market myself. I barely self-promote. I don't "engage" on social platforms and "build followings." For years I almost actively avoided connection with most humans. I was blunt, prickly, and gave the unvarnished truth... and most people will avoid that sort of thing. It took me way too long to realize that no matter how great a product is, it needs someone who's full-time job is getting eyeballs on it.

That's why I partnered up with @cynshineonline, because she promised to get me eyeballs, make my value more visible, and make my teachings more palatable to others.

So yesterday when I read a post by @anaclark about Hive needing more active, focused marketing, I had some strong feelings. I saw myself in Hive. I saw my marketing ignorance about to be repeated.

Basically, I agree with her.

But her post also left me wondering why. Why is Hive lacking marketing? And my instincts say it's simply because no talented, passionate marketer has discovered Hive yet.

For example, I know quite a bit about marketing, and I'm talented in many fields. So at first glance, it seems that I might qualify... but I'm not passionate about marketing. I have other passions, like teaching. Will a talented, passionate marketer be brought onboard? Only if there's enough desire and intention for it from the people behind Hive, in my opinion. Perhaps if someone started a community called /c/marketing or something. (Does /c/DigitalMarketing count?)

All that said, Hive seems a bit of a hard sell for even the best marketer right now. Because two of the key qualities for marketability are missing. Hive is intimidating and user un-friendly. I'm not confident I could convince any of my friends to jump through the hoops I had to jump through to get posting on here. From cumbersome private/public 'keys', to needing multiple accounts, platforms, and 'dapps' just to get things going, plus even more weird sign-in stuff from hive-signer & hive keychain messing with my Last Pass... it's just too big an ask.

None of my friends are going to jump through those hoops just to post on a relatively quiet, empty social platform.

My point is, even if I like it here, and can see the potential, the majority of people won't... until the issues I'm mentioning are fixed.

If I take the rose-colored glasses off and look at the pros and the cons of Hive, it goes something like this:

Hive Vs Facebook2.png

Anyway, although I'm new to Hive, knowing little about Sun, Tron, Steemit, etc., I figure that qualifies me to give me a 'newbie' perspective, lol. I wanted to share my thoughts on this issue, however naive, and if you'd like to see @anaclark's much deeper, more passionate post on the issue, check it out here: Wake Up, Hivians!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate any attention and wish you all a great day.

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