Proposal: On-going Hive chain development; new features, testing, and developer support

Proposal: On-going Hive chain development; new features, testing, and developer support

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Funding Details

With the assistance of the (hopefully soon to be renamed) @steem.dao, I will be able to dedicate more time to working on Hive instead of seeking funding or working on other projects to sustain my open-source development contributions.

For this reason, I am seeking 275 HBD per day for the duration of 2020 to continually add new features, fix security issues, update/upgrade libraries, and provide developer support to the Hive community.

The funds will be used to pay for my time developing on the Hive blockchain. I will contribute new features to the core blockchain code as well as provide testing and support for existing features or the eventual SMT hard fork. (Yes, SMT will still be coming)

I will also work to create tutorials and guides for developers to more quickly get up to speed with Hive development. As a part of this effort, I will provide a dockerized development environment with example scripts and verbose documentation. This dockerized environment will be beneficial to novice and expert developers alike.

Some tasks on the horizon for Hive development:

  • focus on github issues and fix/close important ones
  • perform testing and necessary fixes to Hive blockchain created by initial hard fork
  • work with devs to get all dev libraries ported to Hive
  • setup a public testnet that can mirror the mainnet
  • draft a technical doc for decaying witness votes
  • draft a technical doc for atomic cross-chain transfers

How This Benefits Hive

Graphene based, DPoS blockchains, such as Hive, have become a passion of mine the past few years. I have spent a lot of time with various blockchain projects learning what it is they are looking for and gaining insights into how Hive can help deliver that for them.

Since Hive is a community based blockchain, we will need a myriad of community based developers. I have been contributing to open source projects and teams for the majority of my career as a software developer. By supporting this proposal, I will commit my time, knowledge, and skills to the Hive blockchain on a daily basis, year round.

About @netuoso

  • I have been on Steem since June 2016 and I wrote the soft fork 0.22.2 code that helped inspire the Hive blockchain and am now a Hive witness
  • I am a professional software developer of 8+ years that has extensive blockchain based experience directly relating to C/C++, Node, and Python.
  • I work as a blockchain developer on Graphene based blockchains such as Hive, EOS, and Steem.
  • I have contributed to several popular Steem projects: (Condenser, Jussi, Steem-JS, Vessel, Radiator, Beem, DSteem), as well as having created/hosted my own, (MSP3k, SteemCreate, Steem-API Rails Gem, Steem PacMan)

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