Do you know C? Familiar with Bolos? Read on ...

Do you know C? Familiar with Bolos? Want to help peer-review the Hive Ledger Bolos application?

One of the requirements to finalizing the Ledger application that I overlooked is there is a need to get a peer-review of the security of the Bolos application and to ensure that there are no drastic bugs present.

When developing secure wallet applications, it is necessary to have a secondary, or tertiary, set of eyes on the code to validate and audit the quality of the application.

Are you a programmer that has knowledge in C or at least very good at reverse engineering open source code? Do you want to perform a community led peer-review of the Hive Ledger application source code?

What is BOLOS

The operating system behind all Ledger personal security devices is called the Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System, or BOLOS for short. BOLOS provides a lightweight, open-source framework for developers to build source code portable applications that run in a secure environment.

I am making this post to see just how many competent developers there are out there that could successfully, and effectively, validate and audit the open source, already done, Hive Ledger Bolos application.

There are claims that I have done nothing and am just greedily taking money from the DAO. These claims are ridiculous and I suppose one way I can help prove that is to offer this relatively "simple" task so there can be someone else that sees the complexity of the work that I have been putting into Hive.

Here's a link to the source code: At the moment, the source code is complete and will not be changing right away. This is the perfect time for someone to step forward and show their chops in the programming scene.

Maybe @therealwolf wouldn't mind lending a hand? Or even @lordbutterfly?

I am confident @blocktrades and team could perform an effective peer-review and audit of the code, but as we can see with how long the HF24 took, and is still currently taking, it is clear he and his team are quite busy at the moment so taking on more programming debt may not be on the table.

Feel free to check out the source code repository for the Hive Ledger application even if you are not thoroughly versed in C. You may at least find some inspiration to learn it or be able to re-purpose existing knowledge you have to make suggestions and comments.

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