Hive investors arent ATMs. // "Make money here" as the main message needs to DIE


If you treat Investors as ATMs, ATMs eventually go out of service.

Its been a while since I felt it was a good time to get in on some drama. 😂

Theres this new guy that came to Hive with a flowery attitude, kissing everyones ass into relevance. It has worked in the past for many in the beginning, until it didnt. (Piotr anyone?) I went along with it because why not. No reason to make anyones time here bad because you dislike those type of people.
I can be nice. I can ignore stuff.

But a point came where he overstepped by asserting himself with arrogance.
The issue wasnt his dumb ideas coated in sugary goodness and a 10 sentence infographic that strips the design from his own website.
Getting your design on a 200 mil crypto platform does add to the resume, doesnt it? Lets you sell your positivity crap to others.
The issue was that so many of our community agreed with this idiotic idea that needs to DIE.

This guy is a Jerry 2.0 by all accounts. He probably doesnt suck his own dick like Jerry did. Which he thought a brilliant idea to share with us but the attitude is exactly the same.

  1. Draw you in with sugary sweetness.
  2. Assert that he knows best and youre all idiots.

People have put in millions into Hive. Theyve been through the days of Ned, the days of Justin, the days of Hive.
But you dont know what Hive is about. No! He does!
2 month users, @ryzeonline and his wife @cynshineonline know better what Hive is and what message we should put out. As he puts it, our message is:

Snimka zaslona (242).png

Wow. You morons, what didnt work for 5 years, what tied your user numbers to Hive price for years, what leeched the value from Hive, what drove away serious investors is actually what we need to revisit. No one cares about the shit you want to solve. GIVE US MONEYS!!!

Investors arent ATMs for those that want to make a few $$$ and get out. Hive is the future of the internet, it solves a real societal problem. A BIG ONE.
Do you buy Hive to share inflation with those that want to make a few bucks, sell their Hive, and hurt the value of your investment?
You invest because you believe in the true value of Hive. The problems it solves.

Even if whale upvotes were worth 2 cents Hive still has value! It still solves the same problem.

We are sending out the message that you can make money here. Elischa for example has shared it in his initial post on Instagram that received 25 000 views. It will be shared in the next post. But there will be promotional content that shows the true value of Hive. There needs to be a balance in the messaging otherwise everyone that might come here will miss the point and retention, that is piss poor as is, old ideas still present, will drop.
Whale upvotes are finite!


Hive is incredibly hard to promote since its so many things. How do you promote "the internet"? Because thats what Hive is. Its Web 3.0. Its the free web. Its the Hive ecosystem of dapps. Its the
games, the blogs, the applications.

#Hive is @splinterlands, its @Peakd, @hiveblog, its @threespeak, its @rabona, its @nftshowroom, its @ecency, its all the multitude of tools. Its a blockchain, its a 2 second tx cryptocurrency, its a #DAO, its a decentralized governance system.

There are ads that mention the monetary aspect but there are more of those that focus on problem solving. Those ads that talk about the true solutions, those that paint Hive as the solution to censorship, that promote Hive as a true open forum, that promote towards investors, that promote true account ownership. We have sent out PRs talking about those things. We have other influencers that will discuss it.
The point is that we never hide the earning potential, we make it clear but we never make it the main promotional message.

That is not what Hive is.

That is never what it was and simply put, if we dont get people to buy Hive for the societal problems it solves we get reduced to giving out inflation to those that dont believe in anything wer trying to do.
Why would you buy when you can leech a few hundred dollars a month?
And honestly, those that would ever try to push forth the idea that Hive is only "money is upvotes" dont deserve your vote!

To close this off.

Its free to put the Hive logo on your tits and takes little effort to arrogantly tell others how they dont know what the hell theyre doing.


I do not own this photo. This photo is owned by @cynshineonline

It takes a lot of effort being in the trenches and working every day to spread the word that Hive is the future theyre not aware of and they need to own a piece of that future.

Never accept bullshit over effort.