Hive Survival Guide!

Welcome to the new Hive blockchain! As you may have noticed there are a lot of things that you will need to figure out in order to start posting/using the new blockchain so I have put this post together to possibly help those trying to do so.

Much of what I am including in the 'survival guide' can be found in my original article here: /@jacobpeacock/my-first-hive-post

A French version of this survival guide can be found here: /@laruche/traduction-guide-de-survie-de-hive

It is also worth noting that I will be adding to this survival guide post as I find new things that might be helpful.

If you need a history lesson on why there is a new blockchain then the following article provides a good summation of events:

If you are an absolute beginner then I recommend reading over the following guide so that you can gain some general understanding about the Hive blockchain: /@remotehorst23/hive-beginner-tutorial

Personally I highly recommend using the new interface and logging in via Hivesigner, or using the beta Hive Keychain (which requires manual installation) or on mobile using PeakLock

The official Hive sites are and

PeakD Community on Hive: created/hive-163399

More PeakD information: /@peakd/peakd-live

Download and installation instructions for the Hive Keychain Beta : /@stoodkev/hive-keychain-beta-is-ready

How to use Hivesigner (Hive version of SteemConnect)

Tutorial: Working with Hive Keychain and Steem Keychain. /@deniskj/tutorial-working-with-hive-keychain-and-steem-keychain

How to use the Steem Keychain with Hive by changing the api endpoint: /@bitrocker2020/how-to-use-keychain-to-login-and-post-on-hive

Hive wallets for multiple platforms can be found here:

Buy HIVE on BlockTrades: /@blocktrades/blocktrades-adds-support-for-new-hive-cryptocurrency

Steem and Hive pairing on BlockTrades: /@blocktrades/blocktrades-offering-steem-hive-pair

Trade Steem For Hive on BlockTrades:

Invite people to join Hive: /@pharesim/announcing-hiveinvite

Tutorial: How to Remove & Make HivePower (HP) Delegations /@eddiespino/tutorial-how-to-remove-hivepower-hp-delegations-also-useful-of-you-want-to-make-a-delegation

SteemRSS is now HiveRSS and how to use it: /

Esteem desktop with Hive support: /@esteemapp/esteem-desktop-2-2-5-hive-support-released

Hive.Vote is Steemauto for hive:

A new Hive blockexplorer can be found here:

Another Hive blockexplorer:

PeakD Witness page:

Detailed Witness information:

Official Hive brand assets (images) can be found here:

Hive Image Kit: /@nateaguila/free-hive-badge-kit-and-other-ramblings

A list of current Hive projects can be found here:

Hive dApps:

Hive developer portal:

Hive Javascript libraries: /@good-karma/javascript-libraries-are-ready-to-build-on-hive

HIVE compatible Steemfeed-JS: /@someguy123/steemfeed-js-v3-1-0-released-easier-to-use-and-now-hive-compatible

The Hive Discord server can be found here:

The PeakD Discord server can be found here:

Please keep in mind that the Hive blockchain and all its associated projects are brand new and there will undoubtedly be plenty of things to fix and stuff that does not work correctly. Give it time and please be patient with those developing the blockchain and the applications that run on it!


Cheers and Happy Hiving!

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